Arroyo on hot stove talk

Bronson Arroyo was apologetic when he returned my call after a few days. He had a good excuse — he had been out on his boat sailing off of the Florida coast.

I was seeking to do a story on his reaction to the hot stove talk in recent weeks that the Reds mighthave to slash payroll and move players like himself. He’s due to make $11 million in 2010.

“I really haven’t paid any attention to it,” Arroyo said. “I haven’t been on or to read it so I’ve been totally clueless. People tell me ‘I’ve seen your name thrown around in trade talk.’ Honestly, I’m not thinking about it. If I got traded before Opening Day, I’d be more surprised than when I was traded from Boston [to the Reds in March 2006].”

Always good for speaking his mind with originality, Arroyo’s ignorance to the hot stove hoopla didn’t mean he didn’t have an opinion.

“In my mind, there was no reason to get [Scott] Rolen [in a July 31 trade] if we’re turning around and moving guys without waiting to see what happens [during the season],” Arroyo said. “I think they’ll give us four months to see if we can compete in the division. If we’re not, we’ll have a big scale back. For now, they seem committed to win.”

One more quote:

“I know the budget is tight,” Arroyo said. “But if you re-sign Ramon [Hernandez] for a year, why then go in the other direction? If we were saving, we could have easily had [Ryan] Hanigan catching 130 games next year.”

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My take: Arroyo certainly brings some rational thought to the table on this. It would be seem awfully bizarre to trade two top-end pitching prospects to take on 34-year-old Scott Rolen’s $11 million salary after the Reds were out of contention only to turn around and dump other contracts a few months later.

And Hernandez’s contract re-signing, $3 million for 2010, seems to be a luxury addition considering the current situation.

Considering the 2010 projected rotation lacks durability, experience and Edinson Volquez, moving Arroyo and his perennial 200 innings output would put a major strain on the Reds pitching staff.

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You hit it right on the money with this one, and I like Bronson’s responses as well. Hopefully the Reds see it the same way!

Bronson would be my first choice of a ballplayer to have a beer with. A comment that really should go with the last entry: is the team’s young talent so good that it’s wise to fill the 40-man roster and leave no room for a rule 5 pickup? We’ve gotten some interesting players in rule 5 the past few years, and they’re cheap.

Straight on. The team is being built with the trade deadline in mind. If the team is rolling expect a move to bring in that big veteran outfield or SS (SS please…). If they are at .500, selling time. Harang, and Bruce have to bounce back and start hot. The bats must be hot (unlike the pre-Rolen days).

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