Hernandez option not picked up

I talked to Reds GM Walt Jocketty Friday afternoon. He was at the airport waiting for a flight to Chicago, where will be attending the GM meetings.

Among the topics:

* Catcher Ramon Hernandez is definitely not having his $8.5 million option picked up and will get the buyout for $1 million. The Reds want Hernandez back, however.

“We’re not going to pick up the option,” Jocketty said on Friday. “We have been talking with his agent and trying to negotiate a new deal. We’re hoping he comes back.”

Hernandez would be a Type B free agent on the market, which means the Reds would get a first-round sandwich pick if he’s offered arbitration and signs elsewhere.

* When asked about the Brewers trading shortstop J.J. Hardy to the Twins for CF Carlos Gomez, Jocketty said the Reds had interest in Hardy.

“We talked to [the Brewers] several times,” Jocketty said. “We didn’t match up and they didn’t want to trade within our division, which was understandable.”

* Jocketty wants to retain catcher Corky Miller and outfielder Darnell McDonald after they were sent outright to Triple-A Louisville. Miller was signed to a 2010 contract with Louisville.

* As for arbitration eligible outfielders Jonny Gomes and Laynce Nix, “we’ve talked a little bit,” Jocketty said.

* In more moves revealed later, infielder Danny Richar was reinstated from the 60-day disabled list, was outrighted off the roster and elected free agency. 1B Kevin Barker was outrighted off the roster and elected free agency; RHP Justin Lehr was signed to a one-year Major League contract through the 2010 season and then was outrighted to Louisville.

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I still have a lot of faith in Gomes and Nix. I hope we can find a way to keep them. Hernandez I’m not so sure about. I haven’t checked his numbers, but I don’t recall him being a big help this past year.


Anyone of interest in the free agency pool?

Doesn’t look like we have any chance of re-signing Hernandez. Too bad. After going out and getting what many of us thought was our answer at the position, he gets hurt, misses alot of games, and basically now is gone. BTW, does anyone know what happened to Zack Cozart? He was supposed to be in the Rising Stars Game and now isn’t even on the Saquaros roster.

I think johnny was amazing this year. I say a two year contract for 5 million and a team option worth 2.5 million. I also think they should offer Lance nix arbitration. I know hernandez love is here. I think the reds could pull of a two year contract, with a player and team option. Or they can let hernandez go to free up space for hanigan and to get a free agent SS.

V-man, you’ve got the Reds spending a lot of money, keeping Gomes, Nix and even possibly Hernandez. That’s busting the bank to keep the team the same. The question is do we have any money to make the team better? And when do Votto’s and Phillip’s and Bruce’s and Rolen’s contracts come up for renegotiation? Did I read this right: that the Phllies picked up Cliff Lee’s option year for just $9.1 million, less than we pay Harang or Arroyo? Is this possible? The money in baseball is whacked!

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