Catching up a little

Apologies for the blog silence lately. There hasn’t been much going on and I didn’t want to waste your time by making stuff up. Once the World Series concludes next week, things should start ramping up.

In the meantime, here are some things to keep in mind:

Redsfest tickets go on sale on Monday…of course, they can be purchased at It will be held on Dec. 4-5 at the Duke Energy Center.

Click here for more information:

A list of players expected to attend isn’t out yet but a majority of players under contract are usually on hand, as are several prospects and former players. In the past few years since Redsfest came back after a layoff, it’s been a top notch event. If you like baseball and need an itch to scratch, check it out.

I’ve been getting e-mails about the releasing of a Spring Training schedule for the first camp at Goodyear. All I know is it’s likely to come some time in November so keep checking back. Deposits for Spring Training season tickets are being accepted now.

There should be another edition of the Reds Inbox next week. Feel free to click on the comment link below if you’d like to get a question in. You can also send them by e-mail or via Twitter.

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I think all three — Frazier, Francisco and Heisey — have chances to push for jobs out of camp — especially in LF. Wood might be in the picture for the fifth starter spot. As for Cozart or Valaika, I have to think if they don’t go with Janish, they would get someone from outside the organization. Valaika had a down year at AAA and Cozart didn’t reach AAA until the very end of ’09.

The Reds have some decent prospects in the minors. Who has an immediate impact next year? Are Frazier, Heisey, and/or Francisco possibilities to start in the Reds’ outfield next season? Will Travis Wood have a shot to start the season in the rotation? Are Cozart or Valaika in play at shortstop?

Will acquiring more established players (if that is part of the plan) stunt the growth of these prospects, and are any of them good enough that we should care?

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