The Goodyear facility

Considering I had to wear a pink construction helmet and duck machinery the last time I was out there in May, I’m liking the pictures I’m seeing from the Reds’ new facility in Goodyear, Ariz. Instructional league is underway and the Reds are holding their formal “ribbon cutting” on Friday. There are also open houses on Friday and Saturday so if you’re in the vicinity, stop over.

In the meantime, check out this photo gallery. Spring Training is around the corner, sort of.

Also — Reds assistant director of media relations Jamie Ramsey has become the latest to start a Reds blog, Better Off Red. When you have a chance, check it out.

In a compliment that is in no way a shameless attempt to gain favor, Jamie is a great guy to work with and his wit shown in the minor league report has become appointment reading for people in the press box. His ongoing fashion jabs at Thom Brennaman’s pants could one day result in a battle royale that will be folklore through the generations. Is that an enticing promo or what?

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Thanks, Mark. You’re too kind. Maybe at some point we can appear on each other’s blogs kind of like when the Jetsons visted Bedrock and hung out with the Flintstones or when Batman and Robin helped the Scooby Doo gang solve crimes.

Anyway, I actually was going to name the blog “Thom Brennaman’s Pants” but realized I’d be writing about the REDS, not the GREENS. I can guarantee you, Thom will be mentioned at some point soon.

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