Bailey honored & a thanks to you

It was just announced that Homer Bailey was named the National League Player of the Week. It’s the first time he won the award.

Bailey, 23, was 2-0 with a 0.69 ERA, four walks and 14 strikeouts over 13 innings pitched.

In a 7-2 Reds victory over the Cardinals on Sept. 29, Bailey gave up one earned run on seven hits with one walk and seven strikeouts. During a 6-0 blanking of the Pirates in Sunday’s season finale, the right-hander worked six scoreless innings and allowed seven hits and three walks and struck out seven.

In his final nine starts, Bailey posted a 6-1 record and 1.70 ERA. Sure, four of those wins were vs. the Pirates but considering his struggles in recent years, the Reds should be encouraged. All signs are that Bailey will make the 2010 rotation more solid.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we soon learn that Joey Votto is the NL Player of the Month. At least, I voted for him.

Also — I wanted to thank everyone for reading this blog and following along on Twitter. This was my first season of doing both. I hope it was an avenue to enhanced Reds coverage for you.

Even though we’re in the off-season, I will continue to churn out stories — hot stove and others — throughout the next few months. I will also keep blogging and posting on Twitter. I hope you keep checking in and commenting.



And a big thanks to you, Mark. Keep up the great work.

Chad — Redleg Nation

Mark – Glad we keep it going this winter. Now, I understand the club decides if Cueto pitches this winter, but wouldn’t the pitching coach have a big say in that determination, and they just let the guy go! Maybe, it was decided already. Kinda of surprised Phillips wasn’t your team MVP. he carried them in May when it seemed like the season was on the brink, and kept them alive till July.

It’s been a pleasure reading, Mark!🙂 Have to also say, following on twitter DID enhance the coverage…great job! Looking forward to what you have for us in the offseason and really looking forward to 2010.

Thanks for your hard work, Mark. The insight is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to off season posts from you.

Wow! That was a great game last night! Just what baseball needed! I was glad I wasn’t a fan of either team – that must have been stressful!

Thanks Mark,
I’m sure it wasn’t always easy, especially with the avalanche of blogs from unhappy Reds’ fans during the meltdown in June and July.
Next year could be and should be better. Let’s hope so. It will be great to see the younger talent emerge. Obviously a shortstop is needed. Maybe a trade from our outfield depth and bullpen depth for an upgrade at shortstop would help.

Or at 2B, DMcGee. I still say Phillips is the best shortsop on the team, and probably one of the best in the league. I agree that it will be fun to watch the young ‘uns blossom, but remember the lesson of the Pirates. Young talent creates a very short-lived window of opportunity. How long can we keep Votto and Bruce and Bailey? Their sell-by dates are fast approaching, and then the Yankees, Cubs, RedSox, Mets and Dodgers will come and pick our carcass clean. We have maybe a year or possibly two. Let’s hope we only need one.

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