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On Monday, I plan on running another installment of the Reds Inbox (formerly the Mailbag).

Have a good Reds question? There are three ways to send one in.

You can click on the comment thing below. You can send one via Twitter by going to or send an email at

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With the surplus of outfielders the Reds have, is there any indication from Reds brass on who they’re thinking of having on the Opening Day roster next year? Or is it still too early to even guess?
J. Ford – Jeffersonville, Indiana

Will the Reds give consideration to moving Phillips to short and bat him second?

Whether or not he is resigned for next season…will Reds fans ever appreciate the bargain they got in Gomes this season?

what is the situation on rumors i heard about harang and arroyo being traded???? arroyo has pitced well overall. could you tell me please

what is the situation on rumors i heard about harang and arroyo being traded???? arroyo has pitced well overall. could you tell me please

What are the options for lead-off hitter next year? Is Stubbs the answer? Will we have to look outside the organization?

What do you think about this lineup?
Stubbs/Dickerson (dependant on starter)
Hanigan (or catcher du jour).

It puts a guy that goes 20-20-20 where he belongs (Phillips), and a guy that is capable of hitting 40 hrs where he belongs (Gomes). You should see the stats on the Reds 1 & 2 hitters for the year – worst in the league (most of those were not Stubbs, of course).

What was he thinking (oh wait, does he ever)
He put coco in for 5 straight games, stupid, stupid, stupid
He is going to kill his arm like a few other people that he killed

With the evidence that none of our other three catchers are going to give much on offense, is any thought being given to trying to work out a deal with Hernandez that would pay his option out over a series of a couple years? That might be the only chance we have of being able to hold on to him.

There’s a lot of young talent on this team, and Dusty doesn’t exactly have a track record of developing/nurturing young talent. Any way that Dusty is let go? Any chance that Rick Sweet – who seems to be doing a great job of both developing talent and keeping the Bats in contention in Louisville – would be a viable option for the Reds? Will someone else go after him if the Reds don’t?

This is a question for your latest inbox questions — you say that it’ll be Stubbs vs Dickerson for the CF job, and that they may end up platooning if they can’t decide… but then two questions later you say that Willy Taveras will still play if he’s on the team. What?? How could it possibly be Stubbs vs Dickerson when Willy is going to default them to the bench if he’s still around? (Which is crap, by the way. If this team wants to win, they’ll eat the 4 mil and put him on the bench…. or elsewhere).

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