Good deeds by good men

The clubhouse staff is often the unseen backbone of a Major League team. They do everything they can to help the players — whether it’s getting their equipment together, putting stuff away, getting meals together — basically anything and everything.

Most Reds players appreciate what the clubhouse manager Rick Stowe and his staff do and on Thursday, Aaron Harang showed it in a very tangible way. Working with the Jake Sweeney dealership in Fields Ertel, Harang purchased an electric six-seat golf cart for Stowe and his crew to use. Of course, it’s all decked out in red. The price tag was $6,500.

ClubhouseCar2.JPG“That thing is awesome,” Stowe told Harang. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

Stowe and others took turns taking the cart for a spin. Of course, they are already trying to figure out ways to trick it out with fat tires, stereo, etc. In the picture, Stowe is in the driver’s seat. Behind him is visiting clubhouse manager and brother, Mark Stowe.

“I had been thinking about it for a while,” Harang said. “I talked to a couple of other guys and I felt they have done so much for me. They don’t have one specifically for them and they’re always hunting for carts to run errands, take guys to the bullpen, load bags up or transport stuff. It should be something just for them to have themselves.”

Harang wasn’t the only player who did a good deed on Thursday. When reporters walked into the clubhouse, Jonny Gomes was at his locker and shouted “Hal McCoy, come into my office.” 

gomesbat.jpgGomes presented Hal with the bat he used to hit his 20th home run during Wednesday’s win on Hal McCoy Night.

“We were in the dugout yesterday and he said ‘I’m going to try and hit a home run for you,'” Hal said.

Gomes proved to be a man of his word and Hal was touched by the gesture. 

Above is the picture of that bat.

I can’t think of too many managers that would do this. With Johnny Cueto missing his start tonight because of the flu, Dusty Baker arranged to send him some chicken soup to feel better.

“I went by Izzy’s to pick up some matzah balls, some rice and some noodles,” Baker said. “The chef here is going to make some chicken soup.”

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Classy guys. And living 500 miles away now, damn, I want some Izzys!!

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