29 games to go

My off day story on Thursday was about what the Reds are trying to do over the last month. Dusty Baker always wants to win but of course, he’s giving players like Drew Stubbs and Paul Janish chances to establish themselves with an eye on next season. So far, they haven’t disappointed. Nor has Homer Bailey in recent starts. If he keeps it up, you’d have to think he can lock in a rotation spot next season.

The Reds have won nine of their last 11 games and there are multiple ways to dismiss the recent hot streak — the pressure is off, they played the reeling Pirates, etc. But winning can never hurt development and it certainly isn’t bad for morale.

The Reds are 60-73 with 29 games left in the season.

What would you like to see happen over the next month? Obviously, they’re headed towards another losing season with no playoffs and more of ‘wait until next year.’ But is there anything that can happen in these final 29 games that would have you feeling more optimistic heading into 2010?

I won’t be in Atlanta this weekend but will be back when the road trip moves to Denver.


They can get over .500, lol, but i like the way their playing now, Rolen should be a big help, and Stubbs is getting used to it and Janish is playing well at SS, and Homer Bailey (I knew that he can pitch like this) is doing amazingly well, I see a playoff run next year, very good Reds, Dusty, I have a reason to be proud of you now

I would like them to continue to play solid fundamental baseball. Give Stubbs and Janish an opportunity to play to see if they can continue to hit as they have recently. I would play Gomes and balentine in LF as see if one of them is capable of playing everyday or do we need to go another direction there. Lehr and Bailey have got my hopes up for next year. A healthy Cueto, with Arroyo and Harang and we might be in a decent position. We still have questions to be answered but I am more optimistic than I was a month ago.

Really enjoy listening to you during the 2nd inning conversation. Keep up the good work.

The only thing the Reds really need this offseason is to release Taveras and Harang, he is out of his time, keep Owings in the bullpen and see how Travis Wood can do in Spring Training, bring up Francisco and move him to 1st, Votto to LF and have Votto, Stubbs, and Bruce in the outfield and they wont need Balentien or Nix (put them in AAA) keep Gomes up for a bench spot, and their line-up would look like this:

1. Stubbs (CF)
2. Janish (SS)
3. Votto (LF)
4. Bruce (RF)/ Phillips (2B)
5. Rolen (3B)
6. Bruce (RF)/ Phillips (2B)
7. Francisco (1B)
8. Hanigan (C)
9. Pitcher

Starting Rotation (Not including Volquez):

1. Cueto
2. Arroyo
3. Bailey
4. Lehr
5. Wood

I can see an above .500 record with this.

I’m disappointed the Reds were not more active during August to pick-up another bat, like Jermaine Dye, for next year. They are certainly out of the playoff hunt, but I do not understand the mentality that suggests because you cannot be in the playoffs that you then don’t try to acquire players that fill needs for next year. Why wait until the winter and free agency or trades? The Reds need a legitimate power hitter in LF. Bruce, Philips, Votto and Rolen all need that kind of HR presence in the line-up so they feel less pressure to produce. Our home-run total is terrible, we don’t scare anyone. We need a big bopper from the right side. B. Philips should move up in the order and steal more bases.

With Volquez out, we will need Harang and Arroyo. Both have pitched well at times this season but need to get consistent again. Bailey seems to be finding his stride and I’m glad the organization stuck with him.

I would like to see them dump Tavaras and see if Dickerson or Stubbs could feel the role next year.

I like what is coming from Louisville but much more time is needed for Heisey, Frazier and Francisco. These guys are a year or two away.

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