Double duty day

I’m hunkered down for two games, are you? I haven’t worked a day-night doubleheader since mid-2005, I believe, when the Twins and Tigers had to make up a game at Comerica Park that was snowed out in late

April if you can believe it.

The Reds did not add a fresh arm before Game 1 vs. the Pirates but have at least one roster move pending before Game 2. Johnny Cueto has to be activated. It’s possible a second move could go down,

depending on how much Dusty Baker has to use the bullpen in the first game.

“There’s a possiblity,” Baker said but declining to name the likely call-ups. “They are not supposed to be in the area (clubhouse). I don’t know because everybody does it.”

The day didn’t start out great for the Reds. Baker had to scratch Laynce Nix from the lineup because of his bothersome neck. An MRI last week revealed a bulging disc. Nix was better yesterday and pinch-hit vs. the Dodgers.

“With a short night, he woke up stiff,” Baker said. “He said he’s been dealing with it, on and off, most of the year. He’s a tough man. Sometimes tough doesn’t last.”

Jonny Gomes took Nix’s spot in the lineup.

Reds lineup:

Stubbs 8
Sutton 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Gomes 9
Balentien 7
Rosales 6
Tatum 2
Wells 1

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