This is getting ridiculous…

I take a weekend off but Reds injuries stop for no one.

On Monday, OF Chris Dickerson and  C Ryan Hanigan were added to the ranks on the disabled list. To take their place, OF Darnell McDonald and C Corky Miller will have their contracts selected from Triple-A Louisville. Corresponding 40-man roster moves will be made on Tuesday.

Dickerson suffered a severely sprained left ankle trying to get back to the bag during a pickoff attempt in Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh. Hanigan was hit in the mask by a foul tip off the bat of Delwyn Young in the eighth inning on Sunday.

Add Aaron Harang having an emergency, season-ending appendectomy on Saturday and that brings the current total of 11 players on the DL.

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This has gotten officially ridiculous! The September Call-ups this year are like Oktoberfest – a month early!

We can’t even look at next year this year. The injuries have screwed up everything. Can’t evaluate management, can’t evaluate players. Can’t win games. Maybe even can’t keep out of last. I picked a fine year to follow the team all year long!~

Hey, something else to factor in to your Future Thoughts: Yonder Alonso is back playing for the Carolina Mudcats. He’s not tearing the cover off the ball but he’s only got 65 AB’s in AA ball, so we’ll see. Could he be ready next year? Can he play left? Can he play 1B and JV move to left? Right now, they’ve got him DH-ing, so that’s no clue to their plans.

OK, one last comment and I’ll shut up: Pete’s been much in the news lately. he seems to think it’s okay to bet on baseball as long as you bet your team to win. It’s not okay, particularly when you’re the manager. After all, you don’t bet every game to win, so it’s a reasonable thought that you might manage a game you have money on differently than a game you won’t risk a bet. Lineups, bench use, bullpen use – should we have to wonder why Aaron Harang pitched 5 innings of relief in a game we didn’t have to win (but a pitcher we couldn’t afford to lose)? For the record, we didn’t wonder – if betting were ‘okay’ in baseball, we’d be wondering all the time. Ok, Pitts off. I just can’t see letting Pete slide, so to speak. even twenty years later.

I couldn’t disagree more maxblue. Pete always hustled on the field. He never let up. Pete was considered a dirty player for playing the way the game was designed to when he crashed into Ray Fosse and broke the guys jaw. Pete never saw any games as an exhibition. That word isn’t in his vocabulary. If just one player today played like Pete did (adam rosales is close if only he could hit the ball) he would be considered the greatest player in the game. What he did was wrong, he made a mistake, he has been penalized for his mistake and now is the time to forgive. Why sportswriters in particular cannot forgive Pete is beyond me. And another point I’ve brought this up before. Fantasy Baseball is betting. you pick a roster to determine which players are going to perform best each day. That information is based up your level of analysis of players skills, health, availability, and yes even biometrics to a degree. Clearly baseball players play fantasy baseball it is well documented. Clearly baseball players know the health and status of players at a level a non player couldn’t possible have access to. That is inside information and brings doubt on the creditibility of the game as well. Yet, fantasy baseball isn’t banned for players. fantasy baseball isn’t banned from managers or even owners, if anything mlb encourages their interaction.

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