Blurry vision for Votto

Reds 1B Joey Votto left Wednesday’s game after the top of the first inning and was replaced by Kevin Barker, who pinch-hit in the bottom of the first.

Votto was later diagnosed with blurry vision by the club’s doctor. He will be re-evaluated Thursday morning.

“There’s a chance he could play tomorrow,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

Votto was looked at by an internist and optometrist after he exited.

Baker was the situation was not related to the dizzy spells and inner ear infection Votto suffered earlier this season. That issued transitioned into a month stint on the DL with depression/anxiety relating to the August 2008 death of Votto’s father.

“He came up on that foul ball in the first inning and said ‘I can’t see,'” Baker said. “When a player tells you that, the alarm goes off. We’ll see in the morning.”


Sounds to me like a possible migrane headache for Votto. It makes sense, this club has given me a migrane every night for the past two months.

I have expected this may be a problem for some time. Votto has been missing pitches he normally hits. His strikeout numbers have drastically increased since his return. I wonder if the vision problems could be medication related? Hope to see Joey on the field very soon.

I am guessing this is the return of stress related illness he had earlier this year. Votto is my favorite player on my favorite team but I wonder if he is cut out to be a professional ballplayer who has to do his job in front of 20K fans every night. Maybe he should quit baseball for a year or two and figure out what he needs to do. I’m guessing this will drag on for 5 or 6 games and then the clueless Reds will put him on the DL after they short change themselves a batter for a while. This team is just going from bad to worse. Don’t know how much longer I can continue to root for this team.

H-man, I agree with your diagnosis, though I like the idea that it’s medication related too. Whatever it turns out to be, I hope a fresh year and maybe some steady winning will cure the Votto blues. You know, he always appears to take things so seriously. Commentators praised him for it early in the year. But he needs some perspective and even humor if he’s going to deal with life, never mind a job done in front of 20k spectators. Maybe we should all mail him our favorite comedy movie DVD’s.

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