Big nights for Gomes, Arroyo

It was quite a tag-team combo — Jonny Gomes and Bronson Arroyo had the Nationals in figure-four leg locks all night. Thursday’s 7-0 win might have been the best game the Reds have played all year. It was definitely one of the smoothest.

Gomes slugged three homers and Arroyo tossed a two-hit complete game shutout.

Now with 14 homers this season, Gomes went deep in his first three at-bats and was clearly excited after long ball No. 3 barely cleared the center field fence. He pumped his fist repeatedly as he passed first base.

“It’s a lot more emotional for me,” Gomes said. “Let’s not forget I was in Triple-A to start this thing off. Not too many at-bats later, three home runs.”

Gomes also had a three homer game for Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City on July 30, 2005. The 16,889 fans in attendance gave him a standing ovation and sought a curtain call. Gomes obliged from the top step of the dugout.

“The curtain call was awesome,” he said. “The only other one I got was my other three homer game. Who are we as ballplayers without the fans? To have them appreciate the grind we have. They’re very educated fans in Cincinnati. To bring me out there, I soaked it in for a minute.”

A total of 24 Reds players have done the three-homer game 29 times. No one from the franchise has ever had a four-homer game. The last to hit three was Joey Votto on May 7, 2008 vs. the Cubs.

On the other side, Arroyo clearly had no trouble blocking out the hullabaloo regarding his story on supplements in USA Today, or the fact the league wants to chat with him.
“I’m fine,” Arroyo said. “I grew up in a household where if my father flew here to watch the game today, if the plane crashed, he would expect me to do what I did knowing that the plane crashed. That’s just the way it is. It’s the most important thing in my life on a day-to-day basis. I treat it as such. When I take the hill, I don’t let anything bother me.”

Because of PEDs are the hot button taboo topic in the game, Arroyo wasn’t surprised that the media and fans are drawn to the story and his comments.

“We live in a world where people care about what Paris Hilton is having for lunch vs. how many guys are getting killed in Iraq and that’s the truth. Look at the Josh Hamilton stuff that came out. That’s more important than how many home runs he’s hit. It’s sad to say but it’s the society we live in. Sometimes I speak my mind probably more than I should. Sometimes it blows up in my face. That’s the way it goes.”

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now maybe Baker will finally consider gomes any every day player. He should be our every day left fielder once Bruce shows back up. Dickerson should rotate the 3 outfield positions and if we ever get rid of taveras then Dickerson would have a full time job. I’m still wondering why the Reds signed Taveras anyone know the mystery behind that?

Willie is Walt’s and Dusty’s secret love child? Lord, I wish I had $4 million to waste. I mean, we get it, right? A team has to take chances and some of them just don’t work out. But, then, you move on. Cut your losses and take another chance. Meanwhile, can anyone figure what we’ve got in Arroyo? I guess he’s one of those always around .500 pitchers that seem to anchor so many rotations, and you put the brilliant pieces around him and souddenly you’re a playoff team. In many ways, he reminds me of Bill Lee, lefty for Boston in the seventies and eighties – never know what you’re going to get on the mound, sometimes brilliant, always interesting, never know what he’ll say or do, a big fan of chemically altering his body which he treats most definitely NOT as a temple. Of course, the Spaceman was nuts. I’m not sure Bronson is that far gone. Hope he stays.

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