Rolen to DL, Cueto OK

One day after GM Walt Jocketty was opposed to placing 3B Scott Rolen on the 15-day disabled list, he did just that to make room for the activation of outfielder Chris Dickerson. Rolen has a concussion and was not showing any improvement.

“This concussion thing is out of my realm of being able to grasp,” Rolen said Tuesday following a long meeting in Baker’s office. “This isn’t playing through a hamstring or playing through a shoulder. This is something I need to pay attention to and listen to some people. I need to do the right thing.”

By Rolen’s estimate, this was the third concussion of his life. He is still experiencing headaches.

“They’re not constant headaches,” he said. “There will be a minute where I feel great and think ‘you know what? This isn’t here. I’m OK and everything is good. I will take some BP and get back out on the field.’ Two hours later, I’m kind of squinting from the lights in the room with a headache.”

There was some good injury news for a change — Johnny Cueto seems to be OK. Cueto, who left Monday’s start with what was called a “tight left hip flexor,” felt fine on Tuesday.

“He’s a lot better,” Baker said. “Evidentially, it must have been a cramp. It’s very good news. It’s a cramp and not a pull. He ran today and said he didn’t feel any pain.”

Also — Micah Owings will get one more rehab start at Triple-A Louisville. Owings threw 79 pitches over 4 2/3 innings on Monday. He will work up to 95 pitches in his next outing.

Reds lineup:

Dickerson 8
Gonzalez 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Nix 9
Gomes 7
Rosales 5
Hanigan 2
Lehr 1

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I’m guessing Rolen won’t be back this season. But I have to tell ya I love watching Rosales out there. That guy has a cannon for an arm and he had a great night in the field. With his socks up to the knees and his child like spirit he could very well be the spark the Reds need. Why can’t we get everyone to run to first like Rosales? (well everyone except Cueto of course who should stick to just walking the bases). I for one say it is past time to see Drew Stubbs up here. the guy has 45 stolen bases. He uses a wuffle bat like Gonzalez and Taveras but his on base average is substantially higher than both. Dickerson better be representing tonight or we just might find his name on waivers as well.

Dusty actually had a decent game of managing this one. I think that he did a fine job of knowing when to pull his pitchers. Masset looks shaky taking over the setup role and Cordero wasn’t automatic as usual but I am guessing that has something to do with rust.
Lehr just gets it done. He gave up 11 hits but I do believe they were all singles and that he showed poise in tight situations. He could teach a thing or two to Cueto, Bailey, and Owings.

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Good game last night, except for the errors in the late innings and baserunning mistakes by Dickerson. Gonzo made a great play on Coco’s errant throw in the bottom of the ninth. I was impressed with Lehr’s poise and certainly agree with hollowman777 that the younger pitchers have something to learn from him here. Is there any way to teach poise, though?

Good points also pastor ken. Poise is taught I suppose just by observing but I’m guessing one would have to be a willing observer to actually learn anything. What is interesting is until that last play by gonzalez in the ninth he was having an absolutely terrible night in the field. I was thinking I was going to write a long tirade on why Gonzo should be release and then he gets 4 hits. I think if he gets hot with the bat the Reds could really start to drive in the runs. Maybe, just maybe, Gonzo has been injured all year and has had a legit reason to hit below the Mendoza line. As it is though I don’t think his defense is all that and moving Brandon over to shortstop could provide us with a long term solution to a problem we’ve had since Barry Larkin retired. It is apparent that Gonzalez is injury prone, Phillips… not so much. The reds are filled with players in the minors geared towards second base so in my mind if Brandon has the tools for ss then he is the best solution.

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