Reinforcements, Rolen & Leake

Slowly but surely, the Reds are getting healthier. Two more signs were evident Monday as RHP Jared Burton and OF Chris Dickerson moved through the clubhouse. Burton was activated from the disabled list and took David Weathers’ vacant roster spot. Dickerson should be back on the active roster Tuesday.

Burton went on the DL July 26 with right shoulder fatigue. He made three rehab assignment outings with Class A Dayton (1g, 1ip, 1h, 0r, 0bb, 3k) and Triple-A Louisville  (2g, 1-0, 2ip, 0h, 0bb, 2k).

“I threw three times and got better each time out through yesterday when I felt as good as I have all year,” Burton said. “I have good and normal. My body and arm are working together.”

Dickerson played four rehab games for Louisville  and was 1-for-4 on Sunday.

“It went well and I felt fine. I would have liked to have gotten some more hits and felt better at the plate but I was just happy I didn’t have any pain. Fielding went well. I got in there, saw pitches and felt relatively comfortable for just getting back and not seeing anything for 10 days.”

rolen 081009.jpgWith the Reds, there is always a flip side to the injury front. 3B Scott Rolen is here and can’t play because of a concussion. Rolen has taken ImPACT Concussion tests already and is slated for more on Thursday.

“I don’t have the prognosis yet,” Rolen said. “On Friday in San Francisco, I was symptomatic of concussions. I am going to take few of these Impact tests again. I’ve done it a couple of times. I will see where I am. Right now, I’m down with no execise, no anything.”

Rolen had about 15 reporters/cameras surrounding him in the Reds dugout today when he met with the media. It was his first time back in St. Louis since he dealt to the Blue Jays in 2007.

Reds GM Walt Jocketty said there were no plans right now to put Rolen on the DL.

“We’ll just wait it out and see,” he said. “We don’t want to act prematurely on that just in case he’s OK. With this type of head injury, it’s too hard to predict what’s going to happen. We’ll let it go for now. I hate to put him on the DL and he’s out for two weeks and find out he’s OK by the end of the week.”

Jocketty also told me that the Reds and first round Draft pick, RHP Mike Leake, have drifted apart since he was optimistic last week that his signing could happen. Throwing a wrench into the works was that seventh overall pick, LHP Mike Minor, was signed by the Braves last week with a $2.42 million signing bonus — it was over the slot recommendation.

“That didn’t help us,” Jocketty said. “We’ll keep negotiating and hope we can get it done before the deadline. We are a reasonable amount apart. We’ve moved considerably and they haven’t moved at all. We’re still far apart.”

The deadline to sign draft picks is 12:01 am ET on Aug. 18.

This is obviously a day late since I was off, but how did you feel about the trade of Weathers to the Brewers? I always felt fans were overly harsh on Weathers, who was more dependable than he got credit for. Yes, he gave up a lot of hits and made innings a little more interesting than they needed to be, but more often than not, he finished an inning with a zero on the board.


Reds lineup:

Taveras 8
Gonzalez 6
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Balentien 9
Gomes 7
Rosales 5
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

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I loved the trade not because they got rid of Weathers, but because I’ve felt all year that the rear end of the pitching lineup had too many people for the spots available. I love moving Massett up to the eighth spot, along with Rhodes. That leaves the seventh spot to Burton and the little southpaw (forgot his name) and Cordero in the ninth hole.

This moves gives Baker a righty/lefty for both the seventh and eighth innings which seems to be more balanced.

Now, if only Baker would insert Henderson as the everyday leadoff center fielder and rotate Gomes and Nix in left field with the new guy in right. Then moves Phillips to the two hole followed by Rolen (when he returns) batting third. Bat Votto forth and give him a bat behind of the new outfielder in the five hole. Sixth hole filled by Gomes or Nix. Then in the seventh hole bat either Gonzo or Hanigan with the other batting eighth.

I’d also consider and move Phillips to shortstop and Gonzo at short, or try Janish there until Fraser is promoted to replace them. (But make the move now so that Phillips can readjust to playing shortstop again.)

Weathers suffered from the middle relievers’ public relations problem. When you do your job nobody notices or remembers–when you slip up it is decisive and memorable. I recall a fair number of game-changing HRs given up by DW that cost quite a few games over the years. His less memorable appearances contributed to winning many, many more games.

12wolf34 seems knowledgeable but apparently forgets a lot of names.

I think I agree with most of his points–except where the names have been changed or omitted.

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