Meet this blog in St. Louis

Me and my heart are not in San Francisco this weekend for the Reds-Giants series so there will be no blogging or Twitter posts. 

San Francisco is a great city but I will always accept a weekend off when it is given. I will be back on Reds coverage on Monday at St. Louis.

Feel free to post comments about the series here all weekend.


Well, so long to David Weathers. He’s had a rough last six weeks, but let’s not forget all the good pitching he’s done for us over the years. Now – can we afford to keep Cordero? And, can we get another good year out of Rhodes? And, is the rest of our bullpen any good? And, can we ciruclate a petition to get Phiollips moved to shortstop this September when Frazier’s called up to play second, so we can -review that combo for 2010? – Max

Mark~ Nice to meet you at lunch today. Enjoy St. Louis. Go Reds! ~Joel

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