Hal McCoy's last season

Since I hooked on to the Reds baseball beat before the 2006 season, I’ve come into contact with a lot of good people. One of the more generous and classiest among those people has been Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News.

Although all media colleagues are working the same piece of real estate and trying to compete for stories, Hal became a friend of mine as well. We often had dinner together, rode to and from the ballpark together and talked about the games we just saw.

Today, Hal announced on his blog that he is headed for retirement at the end of this season. What makes this news even sadder is that the move isn’t of his own choosing. With his age, the economy in the tank and newspapers fading, Hal knew the day was coming but it’s still stuns like an inside fastball to the helmet. After Hal’s departure, the DDN will no longer cover the beat like he did it for the past 37 years, which can only be considered sad for Reds fans everywhere.

It certainly won’t be the same in the press box, clubhouse or on the road without him and I will miss him.


It really is sad.😦 I sent him a tweet and gave him a suggestion. I just told him he could still tweet about the Reds and write blogs and all that stuff. Still the same thing sort of, he just wouldn’t get paid.
A very sad day.😦

I hope he finds a great avenue for his continued work in this field.
So many papers and small publications are getting eaten up by lower readership and location issues.
Pretty soon AP and UPI might be the only source for some of the small towns in this country with no localized feel to the story.

Truly sad. I remember when we put the last edition of the “Evening Independent” to bed in St. Petersburg, Florida a long time ago. I still miss their brand of sports coverage.

Rays Renegade


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