Rolen, Gonzalez out

3B Scott Rolen was not in Monday’s lineup vs. the Cubs, one day after he was beaned in the head by a Jason Marquis fastball in the seventh inning. Adam Rosales started in his place. Rolen was to be examined again today.

“He’s got a headache,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “The doctor said there was no concussion. He’s very lucky. I’ve never seen a ball ricochet that far. That ball went all the way to third base.”

SS Alex Gonzalez was given the night off after Sunday’s game where he committed an error dropping a cutoff throw that let a run score. He also made a soft running throw to first base in the 11th inning vs. Colorado that allowed an RBI infield single. On top of that, Gonzalez is hitless over his last 20 at-bats entering Monday.

“He’s frustrated. That game yesterday was unlike him,” Baker said.

Paul Janish started at SS vs. the Cubs.

In other news, injured OF Chris Dickerson is doing well with his slightly separated shoulder and expected to be ready to come off of the DL when eligible on Aug. 11.


0-5 Taveras. Weak grounder to end the game with two runners in scoring position. Only 14 RBIs on the season. What a waste of opportunities. No wins in August. 15 games under .500. Seeking sole possession of last place. Tommy John surgery on our most promising starter. Bad news, bad news, nothing but bad, bad news.

weathers is seriously terrible… I mean honestly, I’m not trying to be mean, but he is just flat out aweful. I dont care what his numbers say, even when he occasionally gets outs, batters still seem to hit the crap out of the ball. He gets ejected arguing balls and strikes because even he knows he doesnt have good enough stuff to get hitters out by making them hit the ball. Its no wonder why we cant trade him…Nobody wants him! If there is anyone reading this that has a direct line to Jocketty, tell him reds fans will be more than willing to donate money in order to pay for weathers’ buyout… I am praying he doesnt renew his contract… Please…

Well, I’m numb, beat down. We’ve lived and died with this team every day since April, and I for one never saw this collapse coming. A matter of two weeks ago, I was among those who thought that the team was maybe two bats shy of contending, and my only concern was that we not give up too much to get them. But, night after night, the inability to put 4 or more runs on the board make me realize we are more than two bats away – we’re 6 bats away. Also two starting pitchers, also a set-up man or two, also some reliable middle men, also 7 gloves. Also a few coaches and maybe a manager.

I would like to see Dusty get thrown out of the game instead of his players.

What’s Houston doing right that we’re doing wrong?

Is it true we’re behind Pittsburgh? How can this be?

I’m pretty sure we’re tied with Pitt at the moment. With the way we’ve been playing, though, they’ll jump ahead pretty soon.
Also… yesterday I twittered that Rolen should’ve been in the lineup because we traded away three good players for him to PLAY, not SIT. However, I was unaware that he had a headache. So, I take back what I said, and kudos to Brass for making him sit. Last thing we need is for him to get seriously hurt.
I was happy to see Gonzo battle his butt off and get a head. And then Willy comes in and… well… does what Willy does. Most of the time he seems to pop it up, though, so at least he hit it on the ground…

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