Baker thinking 'of some new stuff'

When things have slid this far, this fast, like it has for the Reds, what can manager Dusty Baker do to spark a turnaround? Even Baker admitted before Sunday’s game he was running low on ideas to get through to his players.

“I’m trying to think of some new stuff,” he said. “It’s not easy coming up with some new stuff. You try laughter. You try anger. Actually, you don’t have to try anger. You put your arm around them. You chastise them. Sometimes you have to ride it out.

“We’ve got two more months. I don’t see two more months of last month’s misery.”

The Reds entered Sunday losers of five-straight games, the last 11 of 12 and 13 of 16.

Someone asked if Reds owner/CEO Bob Castellini has been by the clubhouse and how his mood was.

“Well not bad. How great do you expect it to be?” Baker said. “I don’t blame him. My demeanor is not good either. I put on a good front.”

  • Former Reds 3B Edwin Encarnacion went 1-for-4 for the Blue Jays at Oakland in his first game since the Scott Rolen trade.

“I was not surprised,” Encarnacion said of being traded. “They’ve been talking about a trade and I’m ready. I know how this game is and I was ready. I was waiting for it and I figured they were going to make a trade. Now I’m happy I’m here with my new team, Toronto, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

  • Many Ryan Hanigan backers would be pleased to know he batted second for the Reds in Sunday’s lineup. Alex Gonzalez batted eighth.
  • If he had enough plate appearances, Joey Votto would be second in the NL in batting with a .338 average entering Sunday. (Florida’s Hanley Ramirez came in batting .343). Votto was 25 PAs short of qualifying for the NL leaderboard.
  • At 11 a.m. ET Monday, Reds assistant GM Bob Miller is having another installment of his online chat series. To participate, click here.

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I find myself rooting for Gonzalez…… get get outs. He is batting .192 the lowest batting average last year for an every day player was .219 by Swisher. Anyone know what the all time lowest batting average by a player for a season is? I’m guessing Gonzo is getting close.
Good luck in Toronto Encarnacion I hope you don’t give up on them like you did us and that you finally decide you aren’t to good to take extra fielding practice and cage time to improve your game.

Watching Tracy manage the Rockies, it’s obvious he’s on top of his game. I don’t get that AT ALL from Dusty Baker, who’s nothing more than a feel good manager who thrives on excuses. Your article, Mark, is completely tongue-in-cheek, because YOU KNOW, as well as all of us, that Hanagan should have been batting in the two spot three months ago. So you post this article talking about Dusty “running low on new ideas”, all I can say is b.s., b.s., b.s. He was staring at the obvious and didn’t see it. We’re sick of this, Mark. We’re sick of Baker and Jocketty making inoccuous decisions that hurt this franchise and guarantee a last place performance for 2009 and 2010. Mark, quit printing the cheese. It’s sickening. Say it like it is.

I actually thought this was one of the better games we played this year. Gonzo is batting something like .188 I can only imagine that he is just days away from being released. I don’t care how good you are with a glove (who made the error today btw) if you can’t hit you aren’t big league material. Anyone is our minor league system can do a better job, and if you are asking me he is the one guy on the team that from day one has shown a lack of hustle.
I hope Rolen is ok, the Reds did show lack of spine by not retaliating and beaning Helton. I am worried about Rolen though because his bones are made of glass. I sure hope we don’t wind up with 11 million riding the DL. Bronson is out of my doghouse but now Masset is in it. He has been unreliable ever since the Manny amphetamine tater shot.

How about you just try to do the simple things Dusty? You know, like hit guys who get on base in front of Votto instead of guys with a sub .300 OBP in the #1 and 2 spots?

Or how about don’t play a guy like Drew Sutton in the outfield when he has NEVER played there before and keep Wladimir Balentien on the bench who is an actual outfielder?

Thats a start for ‘new’ things Dusty.

@Hollowman: Marquis didn’t plunk Rolen on purpose, so there would be no reason to retaliate. The two are good friends and used to play on the same team together.

I agree with redsrock… I dont think Marquis plunked Rolen on purpose, it was just a wild pitch. Therefore I think the reds were correct in not retaliating… I mean we’re the cellar-dwelling team that is falling apart day by day and to retaliate would just make us look even worse

well with that said I am glad to hear that Rolen is doing ok. I think a high and tight is always warranted when one of your own gets capped in the skull. Besides Marquis didn’t get to winning 12 games by beaning folks. It was such a nice game to not see either Taveras or Gonzalez in the #1 and #2. Sutton started of fairly well in the lead role. The Reds are in a real pickle since we got rid of Keppinger we no one in our farm system at any level that can hit at ss. we’ll have to trade for it if we want it.

I agree with hollowman777 – There’s nothing wrong with a high and tight to back the hitter off a bit; the batter doesn’t have to be hit. Still – For crying out LOUD – This is supposed to be MLB. The Reds are sinking FAST, and we’re worried about plunking a batter or not. Shoot, let’s just be “Jolly Losers” for the rest of the season, and just forfeit the rest of the games. Jolly good losers, old chaps.

Heck, NO! Good to see Mr. Rolen should return tomorrow – he needs to get his butt in gear and collect a couple of hits tomorrow; the Reds need him to hit significantly better than the legendary EE (heavy sarcasm) and Rosales.

Gonzo needs to GO, and Baker need not be far behind.

It will be interesting to see what Mr. Miller says tomorrow – Last time he did this, unless I’m mistaken, the Reds still looked like they had a good chance of getting in the thick of the race in the N.L. Central. Now, will it be another “Well, we have to ride this out, and start looking at next year?” Not again…

Baker – “We’ve got two more months. I don’t see two more months of last month’s misery.”

Well, shoot! Is Mr. Baker missing his true calling? Perhaps he should be working at the NYSE, or on the Weather Channel. Seems he’d know about as much on those subjects as he knows about leading the team to a few WINS these day.

They will really feel the love when there is only 10 peeps in the stands for the next home stretch and they are all wearing visitors jerseys. I beg the Reds ownership to sell if they aren’t going to pay to play.

@americansoldier…. bahahahah that last post about baker is hilarious.
The following need to be let go immediately…
wily patterson
weathers!!! (Ive said this since we signed him)

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