Rolen acquired from Toronto

The trade is official — Scott Rolen and cash going from Toronto to the Reds in exchange for 3B Edwin Encarnacion, RHP Josh Roenicke and minor lg RHP Zach Stewart.

The Reds will also receive an undisclosed amount of cash from Toronto to off-set some of Rolen’s salary. He is making $11 million this season and is due to make $11 million in 2010.

The 34-year-old Rolen was batting .320 in 88 games with the Blue Jays with eight home runs and 43 RBIs. He is a five-time All-Star and seven-time Gold Glove winner.

With the Reds 11 games under .500 and 9 1/2 games out of first place entering Friday, it was still a stunning move even though it had been rumored for weeks.

“We made ourselves better,” GM Walt Jocketty said. “That’s how I look at it. We made ourselves better for this year and next year. That’s what I said all along we’re trying to do.”

Rolen, a native of Jasper, Indiana, had to waive his no-trade clause before the deal could be finalized.

“I wanted Rolen,”  Jocketty said. “I just think the type of player he is, the character he brings, will be great for our organization. He’ll be a big part of this franchise. For him, it’s an opportunity to basically come home. He’s thrilled.”

The Reds had to give up a lot to get Rolen. Roenicke was deemed a top prospect and the hardest thrower in the organization.

“It was kind of the stumbling block,” Jocketty said. “We finally gave in and decided to give up the pitching. It was difficult to give up the young pitching. With Scott coming over, there wasn’t a place for Edwin.”

“How can you not want a guy like that?” said Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo when told about the deal before it was official. “It would be hard for us to find a better third baseman in the game defensively. Obviously, pitching against him – he’s not a guy I want to see at the plate with men on second and third and two outs. That tells me this organization isn’t remotely close to quitting.”

“We’re really excited about getting Rolen,” manager Dusty Baker said. “I think it was a great move for Edwin too. Sometime a change of scenery might be good for you. I think it’s a great opportunity for Edwin. And we’re just as happy to get Scott Rolen. A gold glove third baseman, an RBI producer, we’re excited to see him play. It’s going to help our team, out outlook, our attitude. I hate giving up Roenicke. But you have to give up something to get something.”

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I hope that this deal is in our favor. I hope that we did not give up Yonder Alonso in the attempts at acquiring an over the hill past his prime third basemen. I hope we also just didn’t give away Hairston, in the grand scheme of things he was having a decent season for us. Interesting note that we have no fielders at AAA on the MLB 40 man roster and we only have one in AA. That is why we traded away Manual for an outfielder that was already on the 40 man roster. If we got rid of Encarnacion (which I would assume would be part of the trade for Rolen) and Hairston that would mean for todays game we are going to be short three fielding players (I don’t think that Hanigan is ready yet) so we just might see pitchers out there playing at shortstop,third and the outfield some time during the game.
Let’s hope we got some good players out this right now it just looks like we picked up a little bit of salary in Rolen and barely improved ourselves offensively.
Interesting that we weren’t able to unload Arroyo (maybe by him mentioning that he is probably mentioned on the drug test of 2003 along with ortiz and ramirez was his wait of exercising a no trade clause), Harang, Rhodes, or Weathers. I guess management believes in our pitching more than the fans.

I think Alonso had no where to go with Votto on 1st. Encarnacion is just plain lazy and needed to go. Of course, so is Dickerson, and he needs to go as well.

I don’t understand Hairston.

I don’t think Dusty is the problem. He shouldn’t be expected to motivate a bunch of overpaid athletes. They should want to give their best every time they take the field. Look at Rosales, Gomes, Votto, Bruce, Cordero, for example. You can tell they play hard and want to win.

Ryan Freel was another like that. Fans know you are not going to win every game, but they want to know that you are going to give 110%.

IMO this is a real boneheaded trade considering Rolen’s age and salary. Even if the Jays pay his remaining contract (which most likely didnt happen), the Reds still got hosed. I really hoped jocketty was smarter than his knuckleheaded predecessors, but I guess I was wrong. I’m suprised he didnt include Votto, Bruce, Volquez, Cueto and Hanigan in this trade…

At least we got something for Hairston though (even if its a single-A catcher with terrible numbers) cause he probably wouldnt have qualified for type B free agency.

I think that Rolen can demonstrate leadership to the younger players and that is what has been sorely lacking.

I’m glad it wasn’t Alonso after all. He needs to learn to play outfield.

I hope Mark can provide some insight on Hairston.

I LOVE the trade. It bolsters both our offense and defense immensely. Yeah, Rolen is getting paid a lot, but you have to spend to win (usually). I’m very excited. Hopefully we can sign Rolen to an extension. This is very good. Never heard of the catcher we got, but hopefully he pans out.

redsrock, youre the first reds fan that I’ve heard of to like this trade… He is a slight upgrade to EE and hes getting $7 mil more. Plus Roenicke has been pitching well. Stewart has awesome numbers and been pitching well in the minors, is only 22, and a 3rd round pick!

Congratulation to J. Hairston. He is going to a good ball club. He deserves it.
Sorry for Rolen. He has no idea where he is coming to. At least he will be close to his home. That could be the only reason he ok. the deal.
Reds still need ****, a LF, a CF, a RF, about some 4 or 5 starting pitchers and 4 or 5 bull pen aid.
Maybe then they could try not to finish on the cellar.
Poor Rolen.

Congrats to Reds fans. You’re going to love Rolen, his defense is high light reel every game he plays. He doesn’t have the power he once did, but he drives in runs, is a clutch hitter and a class act all around. Toronto fans will miss him.

@ corbi11: He’s definitely more than a slight upgrade, and you have his career numbers to prove that. He’s a proven veteran who will finally offer Votto some protection. Vottomatic is a beast right now. Think how good he will be with Brandon Phillips batting second and Scott Rolen batting fourth (that’s what I hope the lineup looks like come tomorrow). And about Roenicke, you have to give up to receive. Just how it is. *shrug*

redsrock, Rolen’s career numbers are good, yes. But I dont think you can expect those to continue as he is past his prime. I hope the deal works out, I really do. But I still think we gave them way too much. Even jocketty said he finally just gave in! Is this what we want in a GM??? I just think we should not have given up a descent pitcher, a good young prospect, and took on huge salary

But I think he’s trying to make a point. You’ll never get anyone good unless you let up someone good. It sucks to lose Roenicke, but what would you have rather happened? We make no trades at all and stay a terrible team? *shrug*

Stupid move. We’re getting stuck with one more over-the-hill or under-achieving high priced player that no one else wants. We have Taveras, Arroyo, Harang and now Rolen to do nothing for us at a very high tag. This is absurd. Roenicke and Stewart are great young pitchers. I can’t believe this. We got hosed. We’re supposed to be getting prospects, not giving them up at this stage of the game. We should have traded Cordero for a top shortstop prospect. We are toast.

“Stupid move. We’re getting stuck with one more over-the-hill or under-achieving high priced player that no one else wants.”

… Huh? Rolen is having the best year of his career. That’s not exactly overachieving…

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