Big day for Reds news

I guess not much went on during Trade Deadline day, huh?

To recap — here is a summary of all the trade and non-trade news of the day on Friday.

1. 3B Scott Rolen was acquired from Toronto with cash for 3B Edwin Encarnacion, RHPs Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart.

2. IF/OF Jerry Hairston Jr. traded to the Yankees for Minor League catcher Chase Weems.

3. Edinson Volquez had to shut down his simulated start after his arm tightened up. This could be a disastrous development pending on what the results are.

4. Bronson Arroyo confirmed his admission of using androstendione and amphetamines.

5. The Reds called up RHP Kip Wells to fill in the roster blanks in the bullpen.

6. Catcher Ryan Hanigan returned after he missed six games with a sore neck.

The Rolen post before should have everything you need know. Here is my story on

As for the Hairston deal, here is what GM Walt Jocketty had this to say about Weems.

“We got very good reports him. He’s actually a guy we were interested in for the draft a couple of years ago and didn’t get.”

Volquez was supposed to be taking the final step before a possible rehab assignment when he began what was to be an 80-pitch simulated game. He didn’t make many throws from the mound before he walked off the field with head trainer Mark Mann. It turned out to be tightness in the arm inside the forearm/elbow area.

“My trainer told me it was a 50-50 chance it could happen,” Dusty Baker said. “So now it’s back to the drawing board again. That’s something I wasn’t expecting or hoping for.”

If his throwing program is shut down again, that could likely finish any chance Volquez has for returning this season. There is no word on whether his issue will be surgical.

Arroyo inserted himself into controversy when he tried to defend former Red Sox teammates David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, who were identified by the New York Times as two of 104 players on a list of players the tested positive for PEDs in 2003. In Friday’s Boston Herald, Arroyo admitted to taking androstenedione and amphetamines himself before both performance-enhancing drugs were banned by baseball.

On Friday, Cincinnati reporters were gathered around Arroyo’s locker to get the rest of the story.

“From 1998-2003, I took androstendione,” Arroyo said. “1998 was a big year for Mark McGuire. That was when he had the stuff sitting in his locker,” Arroyo said. “Everyone was aware of the fact that he took that stuff and said he was taking it. So everybody went out and tried it. I tried it in the Arizona Fall League. I thought I could hit my head on the rim [playing basketball]. [pitcher] Mike Lincoln and I would go to 24-hour Fitness every night, shoot hoops and work out until midnight-1 am. I felt unbelievable on this stuff. I took it through 2003 until they told me that stuff would give me a positive test. So I didn’t take it anymore.”

As for amphetamines, which were commonly known as greenies, Arroyo had no problem admitting usage until they were banned before the 2006 season.

“Oh yeah, of course I took a greenie for a 12:35 p.m. game,” Arroyo said. “Pitching against Johan Santana, you don’t think I’m going to take a greenie if I could? C’mon.”

Since random drug testing became mandatory in 2004, Arroyo has never flunked. He still uses a variety of legal substances to get a physical edge, including creatine, proteins, vitamins, ginseng and caffeinated drinks.

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Overall I think that it was an ok day for the Reds. Losing Zach Stewart was a bummer I was hoping to see him in a Reds jersey next year. Rolen has maybe 4 more years in him and yes he is on the decline but I think he can bring some intangibles to the team along with a hitting approach that is bound to benefit Votto and Phillips long term. We didn’t lose anything in the Hairston deal and we picked up a much needed catching prospect for the organization.
Lehr was wild today but only gave up 3 runs so good job Justin Lehr!

Arroyo loves to hear himself talk. Why are Boston papers interviewing him?

Bronson just needs to work on being consistent. (I understand that he has been the only pitcher who has won besides ……. HOMER BAILEY?)

Maybe Dusty will sit Arroyo a little bit.
It sure looks like on TV that Bronson needs a good hair combing. Maybe some time on bench will give him the chance to get that worked out OR he could go tour with a Creed cover band around greater Cincinnati for a week or so? That would work too.

Once Arroyo takes off, Roenicke can get a few quality starts.
Wait – What?? – No more Roenicke —– because we adopted the Cardinals old cancer at 3B —–– Scott Rolen. Wow. Noooooo. And we thought Double E was bringing us down!! I at least hope that Cowboy got some chicken out of the undisclosed amount of cash from TOR!

Oh well, maybe they can do something with 39 and 61 shortly! Like trade for some new concessions or a used baseball.

P.S. – I already miss Hairston.

Lets trade Josh Hamilton again! Remember how fun that was!
I am not saying Hairston is Hamilton by any stretch – but with all the trades yesterday – I have the same bitter taste as I did with the Hamilton trade.

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