Justin Lehr to start Friday

This wasn’t a stunner because he was scheduled to start for Triple-A Louisville on Friday, but now Justin Lehr will be taking that turn for the Reds vs. the Rockies instead. The club made his call-up official after Thursday’s 7-4 loss.

Lehr, who turns 32 on Aug. 3, is 13-3 with a 3.31 ERA this season in Triple-A and was named earlier this week as the International League’s pitcher of the week. He began 2009 in the Phillies organization but was traded in May and began his third stint with the Reds organization in less than two years.

Since returning to Louisville, Lehr was 8-1 with a 2.51 ERA in 11 starts and one relief appearance.

The right-hander’s previous big league stops were with the A’s and Brewers. He has 66 career appearances, but not starts logged in the Major Leagues.

Lehr is not on the Reds’ 40-man or 25-man rosters yet and corresponding moves will likely be announced before Friday’s game.

As for Thursday’s game — not sure there is really much to talk about. Gripe about it if you want or make some Lehr predictions — up to you.


Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe the recent play of this team. Clearly this team has talent, but the real issue is not the players…it’s the coaches! Dick Pole obviously has no clue what he is doing with the pitcher because Harang and Cueto are much better than what they have been showing recently. Phillips, Bruce, Encarnacion, and Gonzalez are better hitters than what they have shown this year so clearly Brook Jacoby isn’t doing the job either. Not to mention I continually question what Baker is thinking continuing the revolving door outfield. In order for guys to produce, you have to leave them in to get into a groove! Ryan Ludwick is proof of that!

Can we please get some coaches that know what they’re doing?

“As for Thursday’s game — not sure there is really much to talk about. Gripe about it if you want or make some Lehr predictions — up to you.”
Heh… that pretty much sums it up for me. Frustration… not really wanting to talk about it. It’s the same stuff every night. Not a whole lot to say. Meh, hopefully some will start a discussion/debate. Hollowman should be here soon…

Justin Lehr…. I think he turns 32 on the 3rd of August I guess better late than never. He was discarded by the Brewers, A’s, and Phillies which means is probably is starting material for us. I actually think Lehr has had great stuff this year and am hoping that he brings the right stuff to the Reds. Let’s put it this way…. he can’t do any worse than what have been putting on the mound since the All Star break.
I am curious what roster moves are going to be made to make room for him. I’m guessing a pitcher is going back to Louisville or being designated for reassignment.

It is nice for someone else besides me to call for the firing of our coaches. How about our coaching at Louisville…. Walt Jocketty you notice how well they are playing down there and the excellent team chemistry? He Walt take a look at those four outfielders down there? Wouldn’t they look great playing at GABP Walt? Hey how is that standing by the phone working out for you?

I don’t know anythong about the coaching at L-ville, but I wonder about the pitching and hitting coaching here. Is the philosophy all wrong, or what is it? All I know is that the second half has begun as bad as I believed it would be good – a complete mirror image of my hopes for the team. I know I’ve been negative all season. but I really wanted to believe. Now it’s all about the trade deadline, Spetember call-ups and 32-year-old first-time starters. But, hey! Could be worse. We could live in Pittsburgh!

So, bloggers, how about getting together for a game in September? I prefer a Business Day Special, but will consider anything. Maybe we can convince Mark to stop down for an inning.

Here is my scouting report notes on Justin Lehr. I wanted to share this with you guys to give you a very big positive going into todays game.

A tale of 3 careers. Started out college ball as a catcher. Became a pitcher in his senior year so he has as little as 9 years of pitching age on his arm. The Oakland A’s farm system converted him to a reliever because in his pitching infancy could only throw two pitches (a very could fastball at 96 mph and a terrible curve ball).

He has never started in the majors (only experience in the pros was as a reliever) but let me tell you what we are in store for the next 10 years on his arm. Very lively arm. Now has 5 pitches that he can throw with absolute control. He is known as a very smart, deceptive pitcher who adds to his bag of tricks by being able to range his fastball in speed variations 10-15 mph

He is the real deal and one more bit of tidbit he is leading the international league in wins (18 13 with Louisville and 5 with LEH) oh and did I mention he is a decent hitter? The Reds will certainly use him as a pinch hitter as well.

The guys sure give off the feeling they are only giving 70-80%. They are losing and are falling out farther down the standings. They need their Henry V moment to happen soon (not to mention 2 or 3 days of hitting and RBI production in a row) or the stands will continue to empty out.
With ‘the future’ just 1-2 years away in the minors this year was always about 82 wins. The Reds can do what they want, but if they want fans to show up they need to win and selling off players won’t help that goal.
They still need ****. Go make that big trade for a future SS. They need that everyday LF. That guy is Votto if Yonder can play 1B next year. The way Juan F. has improved the last 2 months could make 3B for 2010 a one year event. why not Rolen who is batting .300+ and almost 30 doubles?

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