Jocketty manning the phone

Dusty Baker knew who his starting pitcher was for Friday but still wasn’t ready to say. Not until he confirmed with GM Walt Jocketty (my money is still on Justin Lehr).

Problem is, Jocketty is quite busy right now.

“Walt’s manning that phone today, big time. I haven’t seen Walt yet,” Baker said.

It will be interesting to see if any trades go down today, tonight or Friday. The deadline is at 4 p.m. ET. Reliever David Weathers walked through the clubhouse with a smile wondering if reporters had any latest gossip — but there was none.

“I’m counting on you guys to keep me informed,” Weathers joked.

The Reds had a lineup scratch this morning. CF Willy Taveras was removed from the leadoff spot with a sore left wrist. SS Alex Gonzalez was to get a day off but was put back in the lineup and Jerry Hairston Jr. was moved from shortstop to center field.

Reds lineup:

Hairston 8
Gonzalez 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Gomes 9
Encarnacion 5
Nix 7
Tatum 2
Cueto 1

The new acqusition, OF Wladimir Balentien, arrived first thing this morning after a redeye flight from Seattle.

“I got here and talked to Dusty and I know a couple of other guys,” Balentien said. “I’m happy to get another chance. I’m happy an organization like Cincinnati gave me an opportunity.”

Unless it’s an emergency, I don’t see Balentien playing today or Friday. He will get at-bats against Edinson Volquez on Friday in a simulated game.

“He hasn’t hit in a week,” Dusty Baker said. “He’s been working out but had nowhere to hit.”

Catcher Ryan Hanigan was out for the sixth-straight start with a sore neck.

“Hanigan is a little better,” Baker said. “He was better a couple of days ago and he might have tried to come back too soon. Hopefully we’ll see tomorrow. Boy, we are injured.”

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6 days and no play why isn’t he on the DL? Isn’t this only hurting the team or is this a money issue regarding calling up another catcher and having to pay him the league minimum?

^ Could be. It would make sense. If they didn’t think he’d have to go on the DL why would they bring up a catcher and have to pay him? Never thought of it that way, Hollowman.

NEWSFLASH: we stink

Jocketty is manning the phone, I believe he is out playing golf somewhere. Nothing is getting done here. If this club is ever going to win, it will need to first, clean house from Baker on down. Next thing is this, if the investment group for the Reds cannot hang in a marketplace that demands a club to not only build from youth, but to go out and pickup one or two strong pieces like they did with Cordero, they need to sell out and allow others with more capital to expand the budgit some. Why did we not go out and trade for Lee? So it cost us some young talent, their is no guarantee that that young talent is going to perform at the Major League level anyway. Lee is a cy-young award winner, we know what he can do. Why is Taveras still in the starting lineup? Bring up someone who is hungry from Carolina or Louisville, someone who does not allow fastballs to go by him in the middle of the plate, and swing at crapp in the dirt. What a loser this guy is. With his great speed, he has to find ways to get on, and that is not by hitting short flies to the outfield. Why is it that Harang and Cueto both have totally forgot about their straight change? Why? To me, that is the best pitch in the game. It sets up everything else, but these guys are so predictable right now, a little league team could hit them. What a mess this team is in. They have no desire to win, their attitude stinks. All of them are swinging for the fences, all of them. Why not bunt Eddie yesterday when we had two on no outs down one run. Baker is just stupid sometimes. You need to bunt him, if he can bunt? Most of these guys look like fools up their trying to bunt, what a joke. CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE, FAST.

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