It's a trade

Sorry I’m late with a post today. I had to come to the ballpark late. I guess the first Reds trade before the deadline wasn’t exactly Earth shattering.

I’d love to tell you I know lots of stuff about OF Wladimir Balentien, whom the Reds acquired in a trade Wednesday for Robert Manuel. But I can honestly say I never heard of him before I saw the transaction e-mail from the Reds.

“I got some calls from people in Seattle,” Dusty Baker told reporters before I arrived. “He’s real strong, has some tools. He’s a better corner [outfielder]. Strong arm. Average speed. He’s a bit rough.”

The rough Baker could have been referring to: Lifetime in the Majors, Balentien is a .209 hitter with 122 strikeouts in 401 at-bats.

Balentien will be here on Thursday or Friday. On Friday, he will step into the cage against Edinson Volquez during his scheduled simulated game. He appeared in 56 games this season for the Mariners and batted .213 with four home runs and 13 RBIs. Seattle designated him for assignment on Sunday.

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Taveras, swinging for the fences being the power hitter that he is, hits another anemic popup, followed by fellow OBP guru Jerry Hairston, who follows suit with his version of an anemic popup. These are some great power hitters. Of course, we know why they’re in the lineup in the 1-2 spots. They’re there for their speed. Good reason for maybe trying to bunt or hit the ball on the ground. But nooooooo, they know how important it is to keep the bases empty for Joey Votto. Here lies the inscription on the tomb of the 2009 Reds. “Stupid is as stupid does. The House that Forrest Gump built.”

hahaha. funny stuff and right on que dmcgee. In case peeps didn’t read in my other post Manual was one of our top minor relief pitchers. Highly touted in 2008 and in 2009 traded for another sub .200 hitter to join the ranks of half the team.

Oh and let me add this bit of tidbit information. I guess it is going to be hard to dump either Harang or Arroyo considering that both of them make more than Halladay makes. I think it is what 2 more years of dragging that salary around. We’ll never be able to trade them the best that we will be able to do is to let them file for free agency when the time comes.

Couldn’t agree more, dmcgee. Hairston’s good year last year was likely a fluke, and Willy is, well… Willy.

Please Ask Dusty To Explain This

Mark, I know it’s difficult to ask Dusty something that questions his judgment, but please consider asking him this question:

Why in the world did we not pinch hit for Harang in the bottom of the 6th???

He’d pitched six innings. We have EIGHT pitchers in the bullpen. Instead we bunt, which means playing for one run, at best, considering Willy Taveras followed. We are FOUR runs behind.

We get the lead off runner on, then follow with a bunt out and Taveras. Instead we should have pinch hit for Harang to try to get something going.

Batting Harang is totally idiotic in that situation.

You know, it’s not like Harang is throwing a no-hitter. He had thrown 101 pitches. And it’s not like the score is tied or just one run behind.

Sending Harang up there to hit in the bottom of the sixth, with the Reds struggling to generate any offense, after getting the lead off runner on base – it’s just unbelievable.

At the most, Harang will pitch one more inning. It’s obviously more important to try to score some runs there than keeping Harang in.

That might have been the DUMBEST thing that Baker has done all year, in a year full of stupid moves.

So totally disgusting. It’s like he’s given up, too. He can’t go soon enough.

I’m not defending or dumping on the move spmancuso but I like playing devil’s advocate if you don’t mind. These were the healthy options on the bench:

Drew Sutton (1-for-9 in MLB)
Adam Rosales (batting .200)
Paul Janish (.232, and technically, the lone backup catcher)
Laynce Nix (.242)

I have a feeling Nix was being held for the later innings just in case there was a rally.

Which makes me want to ask the question I asked the other night is why isn’t Hanigan on the DL? He has been out for 4 or 5 days now. The move of not calling up someone is leaving us a player short. Just like I suspect with the deal with Manual there must be an issue with our 40 man roster that prevented the Reds from sending him down to AAA to make room for a bat from Louisville. Maybe it is because Louisville is having such a great season that they don’t want to call up anymore players from there? I don’t it seems odd that we would be short a player for such a long period of time. Dusty kept Arroyo in to long yesterday also after giving up homeruns the inning before and it cost us that game as well.

Mark – I realize you are just playing devil’s advocate. But all of those players have a better average than Aaron Harang. Besides, Harang was sent up to bunt, anyhow. Saving Nix until later presumes we have a better chance to score later, we needed to try in the 6th when we know we have a runner on base. You have to admit that sending Harang up there to bunt with Taveras following was basically giving up on the inning. Thanks for answering, though. I sure would love to know Baker’s thinking. Maybe I’m missing something.

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