Baker: 'This is embarrassing'

Usually an optimist, Reds manager Dusty Baker fired on his own team in a manner that hadn’t previously been heard from him around here. You couldn’t really blame him after a 7-1  loss to the Padres on Wednesday where they were held to all of one hit by starting pitcher Mat Latos, who was making just his third big league start. That’s eight losses over the last nine games.

“This is totally unacceptable,” Baker said. “This is embarrassing. It’s like pitiful to watch. This is terrible.”

The lone hit was a Jerry Hairston Jr. home run in the fourth, which came after Latos retired his first 10 in a row. There were only two other Reds on base the rest of the night — on walks. San Diego hadn’t won back-to-back games since June 27-28 vs. Texas. That was also the last time the Padres didn’t lose a series.

“They’re taking it to us. We’re not getting after it,” Baker said. “We certainly have to do a whole lot better than that. This is pitiful. They’re not a good club. And if they’re not a good club and they’re beating us like that, what does this make us?”

This is reality biting the Reds, hard.

They will wake up on Thursday, the day before the trade deadline, 10 games below .500. I would be stunned if at least one deal isn’t made before 4 p.m. ET on Friday…but who will be dealt away?

Aaron Harang has been periodically mentioned in rumors but here is another reality: he hasn’t won a game in over two months. In his last 12 starts, he is 0-8 with a 5.56 ERA. Overall he is 5-12 with a 4.50 ERA. That might be a tough sell to other GMs.

Harang was down 5-0 through just his first six batters on Wednesday. Adrian Gonzalez hit a changeup out over the plate for a two-run homer. Later in the first inning, Kyle Blanks absolutely blasted a three-run homer 451 feet to left field. After that, Harang had much better command. Overall, he allowed seven earned runs over seven-innings with nine hits, four walks and five strikeouts.

“We were operating from a 5-0 deficit right away,” Baker said. “Our offense isn’t such right now where we can come right back and score a lot of runs. After that, he settled down but the damage was done and it was too late.”

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Indeed it is embarrassing. But I must ask: Why has it taken him this long to figure that out? We’re flippin 10 games under. Of course it’s embarrassing. Little too late to be pointing that out…
But I’m mostly upset because this means we’ll likely be selling some players away.

Redsrock, I don’t understand why you are mostly upset that we will be selling some players away. Are you happy with this teams chemistry and the effort that they are showing out there on the field? I’ll be the first to say that Dusty has cost us at least half a dozen games this year with his coaching style but even if he was Sparky Anderson this team would be going nowhere fast with the players we currently are fielding. I say sell sell sell…. if we can find any takers.

Baker Must Go
There is no way that Dusty Baker is capable of managing the Reds for the rest of the season in the manner that they need. Just listening to how discouraging he was tonight after the game should be evidence enough for WJ and BC. Much of what has gone wrong for the Reds is not Baker’s fault, but it is his responsibility.

The Reds need a fresh perspective, one that is flexible enough to be willing to play the young players and interested in teaching them so they can develop. Baker fails in both regards.

His failure to pinch hit for Harang in the 6th inning tonight when that move was obvious to everyone shows that he has become discouraged to the point of distraction himself.

The Reds have to turn the page on this year, and the only way to make that move productive is to replace Baker and his entire failed coaching staff.

It’s Dusty’s own fault. Explain to him what OBP stands for. He’s completely demoralized our best hitters with his absolutely ridiculous manner of setting a lineup. He is stubborn beyond amazement. He’s demoralized the pitchers as well. Why should any of the players care if the manager puts out a stupid lineup, and when the owner and general manager do nothing but make ridiculous promises to the fan base.

Ditto to spmancuso and dmcgee you are both spot on with your evaluations. The stands at GABP will only be collecting dust as long as we run with the current coaching staff. Walt Jocketty has a good record from his days in St. Louis and one can only hope that he has the ability to act and to act swiftly.

@Hollowman: It’s mostly because I’m a HUGE Harang fan. My twitter username is Redsrock39 for a reason. That said, this team IS in need of changes, starting from the top. I really do think Dusty needs to lose his job. He hasn’t done anything since being brought in. Sure, we’ve had hiccups of success here and there, but nothing huge. I hate to say it, because I usually an optimistic person, but I honestly can’t figure out Dusty Baker. Not one bit.

@redsrock I understand that. Dusty came in with a warning sign to pitchers based upon his record in Chicago and the injuries that they had there under his reign (Mark Prior and Kerry Wood in particular). Dusty doesn’t appear to recognize pitch counts and lost velocity as a sign of fatigue in pitchers. It is also in Dusty’s iron will to practically force all starting pitchers to go at least 7 innings. Where or where is Captain Hook (Sparky Anderson for those who don’t remember his nickname) and the style of play he used. Did Don Gullet every pitch past the 5th inning in those days?
It is hard to blame Volquez’s injury on Baker (although in his very first game Volquez kept stretching and stretching as if his back was hurting him. I would think the pitching coach or trainers should of picked up on and maybe started him out on the 15 day DL before losing him to a full blown arm problem) but Owings is another story. Micah is a young guy not used to pitching as much as he has been asked to this year… his injury was totally a management issue.

Here’s my promise. If they don’t do something impressive before the trade deadline tomorrow I’m done for the season. No more watching, no more caring, and definitely no more attending this season. I’ve been a reds fan all my life, but the way the current ownership has handled this club is disgusting. No team ever wins by waiting for their prospects to develop, especially if they’re only on the team for 3 years after they make it to the bigs. Please give up the “rebuilding” mentality and put some pride back in the organization.

Okay, you all stay away from the ballpark. More room for me.😛

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