Not much offense

Craig Tatum, a veteran of five big league games was his starting catcher. The lineup was missing Chris Dickerson, Jay Bruce, Ramon Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan. Micah Owings was also on the DL and happens to be a key pinch-hitter.

Dusty Baker was a man without many moves to make during a 3-2 Reds loss to the Padres. His lineup struck out 12 times and collected only six hits. A Kevin Kouzmanoff sac fly in the seventh snapped a 2-2 tie and was the difference.

The Reds lineup did nothing the final three innings vs. the San Diego bullpen. It was nine up, nine down with seven strikeouts.

“I didn’t want to double-switch anybody,” Baker said of his late-inning limitations. “I couldn’t double switch Tatum because I didn’t have another catcher. I couldn’t take Gomes out, my hottest hitter or Nix. By then you get back to the top of the lineup and they’d come out right-handed like they did.”

Bronson Arroyo was charged with three earned runs allowed over 6 1/3 innings with nine hits, two walks and six strikeouts. It was another quality start without a winning outcome. He acknowledged his team was shorthanded but wasn’t letting his own team off the hook.

“It always hurts to have your usual guys out,” Arroyo said. “It’s really hard to put two or three new guys in the lineup on a steady basis and have everything click. That’s just the way it is. Obviously, their team is banged up just as much, if not more, than ours is. Really, we should be able to take three of four in this series regardless. It’s still going to take a good pitching performance. Any given day, a guy on their side can shut us down just as well as we can.”

The Reds haven’t won back-to-back games since July 1-2.

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Hello Mark,

Any news on the signings of the Reds top 2 draft picks? Are you thinking it will come down to the August signing date and will Leake be as tough to sign as Alonso? Thanks.

Here we go again Mark, Lee is heading to Philly. What are we doing? Nothing, nothing at all. Lee is a winner, and we have talent in the minors to give up for him, but once again fall asleep at the wheel. We cannot lay back and have this hope that only our young talent is going to get the job sometime in the future, we also need to go out and find other pieces. I know sometimes their are conditions that come with trading a player like Lee, but if could sign him to long term, we would have another bonafide starter to go with Cueto and Volquez. Harang and Arroyo are gone as far as I am concerned. Harang is not getting the job done, so my thoughts are that he will be released or traded off for cash considerations to a club who needs a 5th starter for the stretch run. His contract could obviously be a problem, but we will see. Arroyo just cannot get past the one or two bad innings. Last night he made three bad pitches, two to Gwynn for a triple and double, and one to Gonzalez for the homerun. He is not consistent, and that will land him somewhere like Yankee Stadium, which will be a win win situation for the Reds. We need to unload these two contracts to open up space for a top hitter, a leftfielder if possible. Mark, your thoughts on what might happen !!!

It’s official. with the latest blunder of a trade today by the Reds in giving up Manual the Reds ownership has proven that the Reds Major League Baseball team is a front for other teams to test out minor league players in a professional setting. I have zero confidence on the manager, general manager, and owner of the Reds. Until there is different leadership under the big C I will no longer attend any Reds games or watch them on television. For the interim I will root for the Indians who have at least the sense to pick up 10 bonafide minor league prospects for 2 highly over rated major leaguers. Sad, sad day for me. Perhaps I will return to the Red fan club once ownership shows it is going to be serious and play to win and not play to build other teams.
Seriously the Reds need to be investigated for deceiving fans of fielding a professional baseball team. We have become the laughing stock of baseball.

What are you two talking about? No offense, but neither of you are making much sense.
@reds4me: Why would you RELEASE Harang? That makes no sense at all. Also, Arroyo has been pitching good since the All Star break. He pitched good enough to win last night, but we didn’t give him any offense.
@Hollowman: … it’s Manual. You’re acting as if we traded away Votto and Cueto. We traded a no-name for another no-name. It’s sort of like the Brandon Phillips trade. I’m not sure why you’re acting this way. *shrug*

Manual was one of the Reds top minor league relief pitching prospects.

And the person we got in return was one of their top prospects. We have pitchers galore. It’s not going to hurt to get rid of one we never use. Who knows, it could work out.

This trade must have to do something with the active 40 man roster or something otherwise it makes 0 sense. Manual hasn’t had a bad year. He hasn’t had much of an opportunity. The only thing I can think of is that the Reds are clearing space for another trade or because Manual is on the 40 man roster they can’t send him back down without designating him for assignment. We have a ton of outfielders as well. 4 of them at AAA right now that could beat the pants off of any of our current outfielders. Heisly, Stubbs, Dorn, and McDonald. I’m guessing we’ll probably be seeing 1 or 2 of them at the big leagues by the end of this year or the start of next and the other 2 as trade bait but yes the scouts are saying all 4 are big league ready (Dorn needing more seasoning than the others but nonetheless brings plenty of positives)

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