The Pete Rose report

I’m sure many of you have read or heard about the NY Daily News story regarding Pete Rose. If you haven’t, the Commissioner reportedly is seriously considering reinstating Rose almost 20 years after he accepted the lifetime ban.

Such a move would make him eligible for the Hall of Fame Veteran’s Committee vote. As far as the Reds are concerned, they would be allowed to formally honor Rose with their own Hall of Fame honors, a No. 14 retirement, etc.

How do you feel about the possiblity of Rose’s exile from baseball ending? Is it time? Or should Bud Selig follow the letter of the law and not reinstate him?

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we already discussed this earlier but I’ll say it again knowing that there are two sides to this argument but go Pete! Not only should he be reinstated but he should be immediately sent to the hall of fame, a statue built in his honor out in front of GABP, the city hold a Pete Rose day, and the firing of Dusty Baker with Pete coming in and taking over the reigns of the team. Gambling is legal in this country. If Pete is held out of baseball due to lying and gambling then you would have to remove half of the players that have been elected to the hall of fame already…. not only that but fantasy baseball is gambling by any definition and how many professional players play fantasy baseball. Even if you look down your nose at gambling it by no means is a great a crime against baseball as the dopers, the steroid users, the Manny Ramirez’s of the league. Manny gets a standing ovation for hitting a grand slam against the Reds and he was caught cheating!!! Pete was never found guilty of cheating, throwing in the towel on the Reds, doctoring his bat, pine tar incidents, or taking illegal substances to give him an advantage over those that cared about their bodies from a holistic standpoint.
Shame on baseball for banning the best that the Reds have to offer not only the hall but the best sports figure to represent Ohio!

In case I didn’t get my point across…. GO PETE!!!! I will see you in Vegas on my birthday buddy and good luck getting into the Hall.

It is long overdue! Unless the Commissioner is planning on banning all the players caught up in using PEDs, steroids, whatevers, then there is no reason for keeping Pete Rose out of the HOF.


Pete should be reinstated. The “letter of the law” always included the aspect that he could apply to be reinstated, so keeping him out forever is not really “the letter of the law.” His crimes were committed as a manager, not as a player. He qualifies for the HOF based on his career as a player. I would love to see the Reds be able to honor him appropriately. I care more about that than the HOF.

I agree with the three previous posters in hoping Pete gets reinstated. Yes, he screwed up as a manager, but as a player, he was one of the best to ever play the game, and always played his best. He should be immediately honored by the Reds(which I’m positive he will be if he’s reinstated), and hopefully the veterans committee will be wise enough to see that he deserves the Hall of Fame.

Sadly, my prediction that Commissioner Selig or his successor will look to reinstate Pete Rose in MLB when he’s (1) On his death bed, or (2) already dead is still intact. Trust me – I want to be WRONG on that.

I can agree with the others on wanting to see Pete Rose reinstated ASAP, but REFUSE to see Charlie Hustle as the innocent victim anymore – I’ve refused that since 2004. If Bud Selig is dishonorable about how he’s dealt with this (I believe he is), then Mr. Rose gave him and MLB all the ammo they needed by the following:
(1) Gambling on MLB to begin with – Pete Rose is NOT the Ambassador of Baseball as he once was…Not even close, and he seemed to act as if he was above MLB’s Law in this matter.
(2) Lying for 14 Years – IF Mr. Rose had “come clean” and been humble about it immediately, who knows where he might have been today.
(3) Showing Possible Arrogance and making $$$ off a Book and Baseball in “Coming Clean.” Charlie Hustle showed great pride and hustle on the field of play, but he needed to show more humility in the public. Obviously, Rose’s book w/gambling admission, Etc., and it’s timing hurt those chances for years. Question is: How many HOF’ers are now willing to see Rose reinstated? I doubt Rose has a clear majority yet…
(4) Self-Victimization. Once more, Mr. Rose bet on Baseball, NOT the Commissioner. Mr. Rose lied about betting on Baseball, not MLB. Talk steroids, legal gambling, loaded bats, pills, drugs, womanizing, anything you want. Still, Pete Rose BROKE the rules. It’s not like Charlie Hustle to WHINE about his punishment – HE accepted it. I feel bad for Rose, too, but he did the CRIME.

That being said, more humility (without book, “Sorry I bet on baseball” signature deals, Etc.), and some acts of kindness, compassion (trip to see troops in Iraq, addressing little leaguers as a volunteer, not a paid personality, visiting kids in hospitals, Etc. – Can’t hurt Mr. Rose, and doing more of this would eventually cast him in a much better light than “Poor Victim who crime isn’t quite as bad.” Rose’s victimization is about as appealing as Obama’s shoving his gov’t-planned healthcare down everyone’s throats night and day. He’s losing support, too – Thank GOD. I want to see Rose get support…

Finally, Pete Rose had the chance to become a legend in managing…in time. Rose BLEW that, big time – In my opinion, he does NOT deserve to EVER be in a position to manage or run a team in lieu of the manager being hurt or sick ever again. No – Pete Rose destroyed that trust all by himself – by betting on Baseball. Lousy example for players, managers, and coaches to follow there.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m GLAD Mr. Rose is making a good living off his signature, Etc, but making money off of betting on baseball, with the “Sorry” apology being priced. Charlie Hustle has shown that he can be pretty tacky at times, but this one takes the cake.

Finally, what’s good does anymore admissions do? “Oh, YES! I bet on my team EVERY NIGHT to win??? Enough, already…

I hope I live to see Pete Rose back in MLB in some capacity, and in the HOF. I hope he gets to see and enjoy it, too.

Yes – GO, PETE. Learn and show some humility, and God knows it could definitely help you.

The real argument concering Pete Rose is not about himself personally, but the idea on what the Hall of Fame stands for as a whole. If players with the same allegations are in the HoF and baseball leaves out the Hit King, what kind of system are they under? Check out my opinion on the Baseball Hall of Fame and what needs to happen.

I think it’s fairly certain how we all feel here. Get Pete in the Hall asap.


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