A starter wins, Burton's asthma

Monday was exactly the stress-buster the Reds needed during a 6-4 win over the Padres. Homer Bailey set the tone with 7 1/3 innings and he was boosted by four homers — including two by Jonny Gomes. Brandon Phillips had a big three-run shot in the first.

It was just the third win by a Reds starter in 19 games since July 4. The other two were by Bronson Arroyo. Bailey extended himself well, especially near the end when he threw only eight pitches over his final four batters.

“This is a big game for us,” Gomes said. “Coming home, winning at home, getting a good outing from our starting pitcher, pretty much everything we needed and everything we’ve been lacking happened today, which means we can do it. That means there is an upside. We just have to build off of today.”

For the second time this month, Joey Votto was ejected from a game for arguing balls and strikes. In the bottom of the first with two strikes, Votto tried to check swing and was punched out by third base umpire Jerry Crawford on appeal. Votto was enraged and very animated as he barked at Crawford, who tossed him.

“He gestured, twice,” manager Dusty Baker said. “Jerry said he gave him a chance after the first one. It was a matter of frustration because he’s been called out on some questionable pitches lately.”

At a time the Reds have few healthy and productive hitters, Votto can’t be getting ejected like that. They need him too much. He was fortunate the Reds had other avenues of offense tonight.

Willy Taveras had a nice night in the field with two outfield assists. Taveras threw out Kyle Blanks at the plate with a one-hop throw in the second and Adrian Gonzalez on a throw to third base on a double play that ended the fourth.

“That’s the Willy I remember,” Baker said. “When I was with the Cubs, he threw us out three days in a row at the plate. I was kind of cussing Willy at that time. Now I’m loving him.”

Reliever Jared Burton got some positive news from some blood work done regarding his shortness of breath and shoulder injury. Burton was diagnosed with asthma. His shoulder is already feeling better, he said, after some rest.

“It was problem at the start of the season,” Burton said of the asthma after the game. “I thought it was a phase and continued to push it back and push it back. It finally caught up with me and I continued to wear my body down. Once it started bothering my shoulder, I came forward with it. luckily the blood work turned out OK.”

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Thank you for not being a jerk. I have left comments on misudek’s blog several times that just voiced my dissaproval in the decisions the front office has made and he has removed my comments everytime. Atleast on your blog nobody is silenced for having an opinion.

Yep, Mark is a true pro. It’s great to have him as the Red’s beat writer.
Brown-nosing aside, tonight was wonderful. Great effort all around (save for Nix’s effort on that one dude’s triple). However, I want to say something about Votto’s ejection.
From the way he reacted, Votto deserved to be tossed. But, at the same time, the umpire himself I thought was out of line. AS SOON as Votto began to complain, the third base umpire came charging towards him, waving his arms feverishly and barking back with Votto. That’s not right. It’s not an umpire’s job to deliberately argue with a player/coach. It was obvious to me that the umpire was looking for something to happen. I say that because his quick reaction was TOO quick. Not sure what anyone else thinks, but I firmly believe the third base umpire was at fault as well.

Joey did what Baker would not do. He sparked the team. It was pure genius on his part, probably planned to do it before the game even started.

I think we’ll be seeing Arroyo wearing Pin stripes and Harang either Dodger Blue or a Halo before the end of the trade deadline. both of these pitchers stopped performing at high level once they signed long term contracts. Both of these guys are the reason why every single contract should be made with performance incentives instead of guaranteed bucks for showing up. I am extremely dissapointed in both of them and wish them the best of luck with their new teams but I will do the dance of joy once they are out of Cincy.

Doesn’t this year strike you as odd? We got through April with no injuries at all, and it’s been M*A*S*H ever since. And the DL-causes: nervous exhaustion and asthma! Never heard of such things. Meanwhile, the Cubs have done what I’d hoped we’d do after the break. Rats! (But better them than the Cards).

I still think we can get to .500 this season if we play smart ball.

“nervous exhaustion and asthma! Never heard of such things.”
It’s much more common than one would think. Also, I don’t think Harang should go, but I can understand why Brass would deal him if they get the chance. A lot of money, low-quality performances most of the year… but I still think he has gas left in him.
I used to call Arroyo the Ultimate Enigma, but that wasn’t true. You know what you get with Arroyo. Usually a sub-par first half, and a dominant second half. The latter reason is why I think he has a far greater chance at getting dealt, not to mention he has playoff experience and knows what it takes to win a World Series championship.

I’m anxious to see todays lineup. I wonder if Baker has the nerve to bench Gomes after hitting two homers yesterday. If Gomes had been playing every game he’d have 17-20 homers and the Reds would have about 5 more wins under their belt. I have never agreed with the theory of rotating every day starters. I completely understand and agree with the concept of matching up pinch hitters vs. L or R but every day players require consistent routines. I don’t believe the greatest hitters in the game would perform under a rotation like what Baker has been attempting in the outfield this year. I guess Gomes is going to get more at bats with the injuries piling but but it shouldn’t have come to that.

Yes, Gomes should be the lineup. Though, right now, I’m pretty sure he HAS to be the lineup. We don’t have a lot of choices as it is.😛

getting ejected from games has long been been a strategy of both players and managers and has been known to be a rallying cry for team mates to step up to the plate. Earl Weaver was the king of the rally ejection. I hope Votto did do it on purpose all the more that I would think he is a great player flying under the radar of the teams. Weather he did or didn’t do it on purpose we’ll never know for sure but it sure did spark the team yesterday and I hope it runs for a long long time.

Hollowman, there is no chance that Votto’s ejection was preplanned last night. The Reds came into the game against the Padres after losing six straight, there is no way Votto planned on getting himself tossed from the game. He was upset over another close call and he boiled over again. Stay in the game Joey, its tough but fight your anger. Lets go Reds, we NEED another one tonight. Show New York why you are valuable Arroyo, and more importantly, show the Reds why we shouldn’t quit on you just yet. Lets get back in this race, one day at a time

Joey is by far our best player and as far as I am concerned the only player on the Reds that I would hate to see in another uniform. Walt Jockety is a very good GM I know that I have seen many negative posts about him but I am certain he will do what is best for the team with the finances that are allocated to him. Hopefully Walt will get us some players either by trade or development that will compliment Joey enough for him to want to stay in the Queen City.

Can anyone explain to me the logic of Johnny Gomes batting seventh today? I could understand 4,5, or even 6 but all the way down there? Is Dusty assuming that #1 and #2 in the order are automatic outs and so Gomes is really batting #5? I just don’t get it.

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