Big win, two moves

Before heading west to Los Angeles, the Reds needed a win and series split in a big way. They got it with a 5-3 victory on Sunday because Jonny Gomes came through with a two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth.

“It’s a big road trip coming up, a tough road trip. Everybody knows how tough at home,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

Especially on the Reds, who are 0-9 at Chavez Ravine since 2006. The last win came courtesy of Brandon Claussen on July 28, 2005 — that’s almost four years.

“As a team, we need to soak up that win and get it into our system. We need to try and start a little run,” Gomes said.

The Reds got the bad news about Ramon Hernandez that seemed expected. After Sunday’s game, Hernandez was placed on the 15-day disabled list. He will have surgery to clean out his left knee on Tuesday and miss 4-6 weeks. In the earlier blog post, was wrong about Corky Miller, which I should have realized since he’s not on the 40-man roster. Craig Tatum is and he got the call-up from Triple-A Louisville.

“He’s here to learn and play at the same time like a lot of the guys we have here,” Baker said.

With Wilkin Castillo out for the season with a torn labrum in his left shoulder, the only remaining healthy catcher on the Reds’ 40-man was Tatum. He was batting .239 with three homers and 21 RBIs in 64 games this season for Louisville and this will be his first call-up to the Majors.

Another roster move also came down post-game. Reliever Jared Burton has been recalled and RHP Robert Manuel is going back to the Bats. Bats. Since being sent down on July 1, Burton was 2-0 with a 1.13 ERA in seven games.

Catch you on Monday from one of the coolest ballparks in the league.

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Yesterday was my deadline for the Reds – at close of business in July 19, they needed to be at least at .500 and no worse than third in the division, or they should sell rather than buy in the trading market. However, I just can’t give up hope. Is there anyone out there we could permanently mprove our team with (not a rent-a-player, I’m still haunted by the Anderson for Bagwell trade Boston made years ago, in order to have Anderson for three months, while Houstoin had Bagwell right to the brink of the HOF)?

I really think that this team just needs to learn how to win consistently. There is talent here: good starting pitching (when all healthy), decent hitting (when all healthy), and a strong bullpen. That is a recipe for success. The one big thing holding this team back is that they can not put together a long string of wins. Depending on how you look at it, there are two ways that this team can approach the rest of this year. They can stay put and hope these young guys can learn how to win and maybe get a winning streak going during August, or they can trade for a veteran rent-a-player. I think that another veteran HITTING presence would do wonders for this team, but is it worth giving up a piece of the farm for a chance at a comeback over 4 other teams in the division? Personally, I say yes. Even if this team doesn’t make the playoffs, by making a trade and climbing closer into the race deeper into the season, the current players will gain valuable experience for next year and be more committed to this team and its success in the future. Thoughts?

There is no way we can beat all of the teams that are in front of us right now. If we do it will be one of the greatest second halves in baseball history. We have way to many needs. Consistent hitting, consistent pitching, reliable shortstop that can hit and field, two maybe three outfield positions are open for grabs. No other team in our division and that includes the pirates have as many question marks as we do. Our lone saving grace all this year has been our bullpen and interestingly enough many of those stars are aged and probably in the twilight of their careers. It looks like we might be in a catch 22 unless we unload them while they have value to real contenders. If we focus on rent a stars we lose our bullpen next year…. if we focus on maintaining a good bullpen we lose one maybe two bats that we sorely need.

My suggestion to the Reds organization is to go ahead and bank it in this year and bet the bank on the emerging stars in AAA and the one or two starts down in AA. Trade off our pitching that is aging and on high dollar contracts invest that trade in young stellar middle relief and solid hitters. Middle relief is the cheapest position available and we should do quite well in a trade particularily with a team like the dodgers or the phillies who are finding themselves short in those areas.

Glad to see Burton back. Now that he’s had a bit more work, let’s hope Baker gives him plenty of work along with Massett. I truly believe they could trade Weathers, alowg with Tavarus. Maybe they could package them and along with some minor league low prospect and get a left fielder. I’d love to see the following lineup:
Dickerson CF
Hanigan C
Phillips 2nd
Votto 1st
Encarnacion 3rd
Gomes RF
Nix LF
Hairston SS

12wolf34 I think I like that lineup myself. Hannigan is a bit on the slow side for #2 but if he has bunt skills to match his current contact ability then he would fill that order just fine. Phillips is not and never has been a #4 guy. The only reason he is there now is because there is no one else on the team to fill that role. Votto I think is a prototypical #3. I also like your idea of trading Weathers and Taveras as a bundle for anything. I’m out in LA this week planning on catching at least two of the games while here.
I think a tale tell sign is that the Reds haven’t made any transactions at all just yet. I think management will wait till the very last minute to do anything. I do hope we can get ourselves back up to .500 ball by the end of July although the odds are against us. Go Reds tonight!!! lets take 2 of 3!

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