Leake, Boxberger updates

It’s been pretty quiet on the top Draft pick front with the Reds but that could be changing soon. Progress has been made in negotiations with the top two selections — No. 8 overall pick Mike Leake and No. 43 overall Brad Boxberger.

“It’s going very well with both of those guys,” Reds scouting director Chris Buckley said by phone on Wednesday. “We haven’t been in a super duper rush because both guys pitched a lot and were tired. Hopefully, we’re pretty close.”

Both players happen to be representing by the same agent, Dan Horwitz. He is the agent for five of the Reds picks overall this year.

If Leake and Boxberger signed soon, neither would likely get a tremendous amount of work — especially Leake. This season, he has 142 innings pitched and he is less than a month removed from the College World Series.

“We haven’t pressed him too hard,” Buckley said. “The kid wanted some time off and we thought he should take the time off.”

The deadline to sign Draft picks is Aug. 17

Reds lineup:

Dickerson 8
Hairston 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Nix 7
Hernandez 2
Bruce 9
Encarnacion 5
Bailey 1

Chris Dickerson is playing mostly because Philadelphia is starting right-hander Rodrigo Lopez. Dusty Baker said that Willy Taveras would be back in the lineup Thursday when the Phillies start Jamie Moyer. Baker said that he was not platooning Dickerson and Taveras.

Ramon Hernandez is batting .250 this season but is hitting .333 with runners in scoring position. He is fourth on the team with 34 RBIs. He was the clutch dude with a game-winning RBI single off of Brad Lidge in Tuesday’s 4-3 win.

“Everybody has to like those situations,” Hernandez said. “You have nothing to lose and a lot to win.

You contribute and make your team win. You always want to be in that spot. I don’t mind.”

As a follow-up on Brandon Phillips’ sac bunt Tuesday — the Elias Sports Bureau said he was the first MLB player to produce two home runs and a sacrifice bunt in the same game since Arizona’s Conor Jackson did it Aug. 10, 2007, vs. the Nationals. Aaron Boone was the last Reds player to do that on May 28, 2002, at Florida.

And a two day’s later follow: Paul Janish is the first Reds position player to pitch more than once in the same season since Mel Queen did it seven times in 1966.

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Not sold on either of our two top signings. Leake has mlb material but I see him as a #5 starter or middle relief. Now to todays game. Homer Bailey has earned Bronson Arroyo’s position in the rotation once Volquez comes back. If he doesn’t get the nod then I would have to say the Dusty Baker experiment is over in Cincinnati. Why do the Reds continue to use a dead arm pitcher (Weathers) in crucial game situations? Weathers is a great 8th inning pitcher when you have a multi run lead but has proven time and time again that he cannot close, hold, or maintain a narrow lead. How old is the guy anyways? I would say that would have been a good position for Fisher to be used. Time to start looking at next year as there is no way we are going to even catch Chicago now much less St. Louis or Milwaukee so lets see the Reds trim the salary of the aging guys and bring up some more youth. Goodbye Arroyo,Weathers,Taveras(not old but plays old at the plate). Thanks for your contribution this yeaer but it is time for each of you to retire or accept roles as backups.

I’m uber-excited to see Leake pitch. His numbers in college were fantastic. Let’s all hope that translates into a successful Big League career. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*

the baseball america scouting doesn’t leave me with warm fuzzies. I have never seen the guy pitch but I do know that college stats rarely account for anything at the mlb or even AAA level.

They’re certainly a starting point. Would you rather them draft a player with BAD stats? I see where you’re coming from, though. Baseball is such a fickle sport when it comes to drafting kids out of college. You really have no idea how they’re going to pan out. In sports such as football and basketball it is much easier to grade college athletes on how they’ll perform professionally. ‘Tis my opinion at least. Take it or leave it. *shrug*

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