Bailey's one regret

Homer Bailey delivered a very nice outing vs. the Phillies in a no-decision, eventually lost by the Reds in the ninth inning by  a 3-2 score.

Bailey gave up two earned runs and seven hits. The big things were the no walks and a career-high six strikeouts. He felt his stuff was as good as Friday, when he worked a career-long 7 1/3 innings in another no-decision vs. St. Louis.

“It was a matter of pitch selection tonight that ended up hurting me,” Bailey said.

The Reds had a 2-1 lead until Jayson Werth tied the game in the sixth with a home run to right-center field. It came on a 2-1 fastball that sat over the plate.

“I wanted to go in for a ball and then set-up the slider away. I didn’t get it in enough,” Bailey said. “It’s one of them unfortunate things. I was kind of thinking a pitch ahead of myself. The one pitch all night I’d take back and that was it.”

“He pitched an outstanding ballgame today,” manager Dusty Baker said. “That one pitch to Werth tied the game up. That’s the only thing that got him out of the game or he’d still be pitching.”

Bailey had only 95 pitches when he was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the seventh when the Reds had a scoring chance.

Since returning to the big leagues, Bailey has a 3.44 ERA in three starts. Over his last two starts, he has two walks and 11 strikeouts. He’s been looking awfully good and if he keeps this up, I imagine it will become harder to bounce him from the rotation when Edinson Volquez returns, whenever that is.

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Bailey is looking fantastic. I don’t know you can send Bailey down if he keeps this up. After all this time in the minors trying to put everything together, it would be a shame if they sent him back down yet again. Honestly, I don’t think Bailey would take it too well. But, it may end up coming to that. They won’t send Owings down, that’s for sure. His bat is too important, not to mention he’s been doing quite well himself. Who knows, maybe Arroyo will get shipped away by then (though I seriously doubt that’ll be the casee).

Redsrock I totally agree. I fear with Dusty at the helm that Bailey will be sent down and Arroyo encouraged to continually fail. Bronson needs to prove he can still pitch meanwhile Bailey is proving that he just might of found his groove. I hope for the sake of Bailey that if the Reds don’t want him in the starting rotation that they trade him and give him a chance with a team that wants him in the rotation. He would be ruined if he was sent down again. Bailey has had 2 very strong performances against very strong hitting teams his first start was wild as all could get out but even then he kept bats from hitting the ball.
Reds management better step and prove to the purchaser of tickets that the intend on fielding a winning team or if they aren’t going to be contenders put in all youth and stop wasting resources on washed up pitchers like Arroyo and Weathers.

If Bailey continues to pitch well, and Volquez is able to get healthy, some move will need to be made. Mark, do you think a trade could be in the works? I really can’t see them moving Bailey after he finally looks to be showing that he can be a Major League starter.Russ

I don’t think it would be Dusty’s call if Bailey is either traded or sent back down though. I think that call is going to come from the GM. Speaking of which I have been wondering of late just how much of the Reds calling up and calling down is at the hands of the GM, is he the guy deciding who is called up?

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