Much needed win

This was one game the Reds had to have, under no uncertain terms.

After a 22-1 loss, anything that can replace that awful taste is a good thing. The Reds did that with a 4-3 win where they also came close to being blown out for the third time in a row.

“There’s not much to say other than we needed that game badly,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “I guess when you really need something and want it, you can get it.”

Aaron Harang survived giving up back-to-back homers to Howard and Utley  Werth to start the second inning. In the third after he gave up a run, he escaped a bases loaded, no outs jam. There was the leadoff triple by Ruiz in the fourth that went by the boards. Holding the Phillies from piling on enabled the Reds to come back.

The winless streak for Harang is up to eight starts since May 25. Five of the starts were quality outings (at least six innings and three earned runs or less).

The big play of the night came in the ninth. With Joey Votto on second with a leadoff double, Brandon Phillips dropped a perfect sacrifice bunt to first base. It helped set up the winning hit, a single by Ramon Hernandez.

Baker asked Phillips to bunt because he was 0-for-7 lifetime vs. Lidge.

“We’re trying to win games,” Baker said. “I talked it over with Brandon before he went up there. He said ‘no problem.'”

“You have to learn how to do the fundamental things,” Phillips said. “You have to learn how to bunt. All the little kids out there think bunting is not important. But in situations like that, bunting does come through. If I hadn’t got him over, we might still be playing right now.”

The Reds are back at .500 at 41-41. The Cardinals beat the Brewers and the Cubs and Astros loss. Cincinnati is 3 1/2 games behind first-place St. Louis.

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A good win. In the words of Borat: “Very nice!”

The must win was the game we blew for Bailey and the 22 to 1 kicking we had from the Cardinals. That series in my opinion showed all of our flaws. Cueto is a great pitcher but is starting to show mid season fatigue already. Baker needs to bump his next start and let him have at least 6-8 days rest. Arroyo needs to get in a decent game, I wonder if there is a mechanical issue if he is so insistent it isn’t his wrist? He has progressively slumped since signing a big contract maybe he too has fat walletitis a common ailment affecting big leaguers these days that sign lucrative multi year contracts. I wonder and question how well he’d be pitching if he was in the final year of a contract.
I hope Volquez comes back and takes Arroyo’s spot in the rotation. I’m guessing if Bailey has another great performance tomorrow that will be the case.

Huge win for Cincy!! The reds did an excellent job of getting themselves out of jams. There were probably at least 3 times the Phils had runners in scoring position with 1 or less outs and the pitching went lights out to finish out the inning! If they can continue to keep up the work on the mound like they just did and can get the bats to heat up a little (a lot would be nice though) they should be able to win a bunch of games and have a chance at a pennant race!
ps not that it’s a big deal but the back to back homeruns were by Howard and Werth, not Utley

Thanks for noticing the Utley mistake. I knew it was Werth but obviously didn’t write it. My bad.

I really appreciated Brandon Phillips’ attitude in the 9th. For a man who has already hit two HR to give himself up for the betterment of the team with a bunt sacrifice, that is a rarity anymore. Kudos, Reds, for bouncing back strong, and thumbs up to Brandon Phillips!

Great win last night for the Reds. There were many instances in which the game looked like it was going in the wrong direction, and the pitching held strong and the offense heated up to grab the W. In my opinion, we need to stop criticizing Dusty and show our manager some support. He is a player’s manager, and manages the game the right way, as was shown last night by the Phillips bunt. Dusty asked Phillips to do something that he wouldn’t normally do, and Phillips did it. Thats about all you can ask for from your manager. Our lack of hitting for the most part this year has not been Dusty’s fault. Hopefully the pitching can hold strong with the upcoming return of Volquez and this team can stay in the mix for the pennant. Go reds!

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