If only “Comic Book Guy” from The Simpsons could have been at Citizens Bank Park on Monday night.

“Worst Reds defeat, ever,” he would have said correctly.

A 22-1 loss to the Phillies broke the 140-year franchise’s record for largest margin of defeat. On July 26, 1892 the Reds lost to these Phillies, 26-6 in Philadelphia. 

“That’s the worst beating I can remember on a baseball field,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

Johnny Cueto looked nothing like the pitcher people felt was snubbed by the All-Star selections. He was terrible and lasted just two-thirds of an inning and allowed nine earned runs and five hits. He threw 49 pitches and faced 11 batters. His ERA went from 2.69 to 3.45.

Of course, no blowout would be complete without Paul Janish pitching an inning. After last pitching on May 6 in a 15-3 loss to the Brewers, Janish worked the eighth and gave up six runs — including a grand slam. His ERA, in case you wondered, is now 49.50.

“I was really hoping to lower my ERA but that didn’t happen either,” Janish joked. “I kind of picked up the team. On a serious note, in that situation when it comes down to it, we had to get through the game anyway we could. For me to pick up that inning, you have to do what you have to do.”

The Reds will need bullpen help after two-straight big beatings. Baker indicated a roster move was coming.

At 40-41, the Reds are now in a fourth-place tie with the Astros and 3 1/2 games out of first place. It certainly doesn’t mean the season is over but this game will have to be forgotten fast. Jonny Gomes indicated it would.

“This is the highest level of baseball,” Gomes said. “We’re professionals in here. We’ve gotten our butts kicked since we were 10 years old and all the way up. Win or lose, we will chew on it for 30-45 minutes and leave those double doors and come back tomorrow with a clean head.”

Did anyone watch or listen to the whole game?

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My dad and I watched the whole game from section 430 in the nosebleeds (saving the tickets for proof). We were two of a few Reds fans that I saw, but not many stayed for the whole thing I’m sure. Thankfully there is always tomorrow in baseball.

Sad. This is where we fall apart. I think this is a sign that we weren’t really in the market to pickup another hitter after all. We are sellers on the market be prepared for us to lose Harang, Arroyo, Cordero, Phillips and if he can ever figure out how to hit again Encarnacion.

I turned it off at 7-0. to Hollowman, we will never give up Cordero or Phillips, and most likely won’t give up Harang. If we trade a pitcher, expect it to be Bronson Arroyo(as if anyone will take him). No we didn’t play well tonight, but there is still half a season to play and we are still in contention. There is still a lot of hope for this club.

I was at the game. I stayed through the 8th. I have tried not to get down on Dusty this year but it was hard not to watching the first inning. I was sitting with my buddy (a Phillies fan) and was able to tell him before Tavares came up to bat that he would swing at the first pitch. You have a guy in Hammels that has been wild in his last three starts and neither Tavares or Hairsten took one pitch in the first. On the contrary, the Phillies recognizing that Cueto was wild the last couple of starts took a 4 pitch walk and worked 2-0 count with there first two batters leading to the two run home run. It set the tone for the game, and Cueto got rattled. Dusty also waited till Cueto gave up 7 runs before warming someone up in the bull-pen. Even Cueto was looking out to see if anyone was warming up. The game was over early so you can’t fault anyone for the last 10 runs, but Dusty needs to switch up the top of the order. Votto is continually coming up to bat with 2 outs and Tavares and Hairston don’t know how to take a pitch they swing at everything. Hopefully the reds jump back today, but Haap has been the Phillies best pitcher as of late so it will be an uphill battle.

“Roster move” – Sorry Dusty. You can make 100 rosters moves and nothing will change.
The Reds organization is the worst ever and the last 2 games are evidence of that. The team lacks consistency and a team and or a player without consistency is no good.
If anyone on the Reds organization have any “pride”, remember one word – resign.
And let it be clear. It was not a couple of bad nights: it is the playing of a “BAD” team. And I use the word “bad” just to be gentle.
Finally, I wish someone could answer me if any team EVER have use a position player as a pitcher 2 times in a half season.

Ferarias- these are 2 games started by two pitchers who are suffering from an injury. Arroyo with his hand and Cueto’s back. Sure the games were blow outs but you can’t cry out that the Reds aren’t consistent. Arroyo is a .500 pitcher on a .500 team! To be 3 1/2 games out seems good to me unlike past years and they opportunity to finish above .500 which hasn’t happened since what 2000?. Of course I want a playoff berth but I’ll be ok with an above .500 team with young players, that is learning to be competitive with teams like STL. Relax and let’s see how the Reds respond to losing and how (if) Harang turns this team around.

Here is why I stand by my comments of sell. There is a recession going on in America. Ohio has almost a 10 percent unemployment rate. Whatever business ventures that the ownership of the Reds has in the Tri state area it must be down. The Reds ownership was cheap last year so why would we expect for them not to be looking at cost cutting even more this year? The Reds are rapidly becoming the cheapest team in baseball and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see a whole “for sale” sign up on the entire franchise before the end of the season. At a minimum the Reds will absolutely dump their top three players in payroll by the end of the season. Just look to the stands on any given week night and see that there is maybe 5,000 peeps in the stands and you’ll see that the Reds are bleeding green instead of red.

Sure, excuses are always a way to hide bad executions.
If those guys are hurt, thend send them to the DL list because otherwise they will hurt the team.
But you forget that to win you don’t only need pitching (and the Reds seems to have very little if any) – you also need to hit.
Let see those hitters as a hitters.
Forget about Votto. You have a second baseman hitting 4th. that will hit 6 or 7 in any other team. A third baseman that is better not to even mention him. No short stop at all. A LF that is either average or below average compare to other teams, a lousy CF and a RF that should be in class A ball learning how to hit. (hard for him)
And if you are happy with a team that is below .500 (and will end below that) on a division that is the worst on the ML, then you deserve a team like the Reds.
As for me, I was use to a team like the one the Reds where many, many years ago. That use to be a BIG LEAGUE TEAM. This one is a class A team at his best.
But then, maybe the reds will be able to find another psition player that can pitch. But please, a healthy one. One with no back or hand torment.

Wow, and I thought I was negative. Only counts as one, as the cliche goes. HM, I agree with you on the ‘sell’ idea, although I don’t think the cause is hopeless. And I agree that a .500 team with hope for the future would be a fine outcome for the season. However, I do not believe the Reds are going into fire sale mode. Castellini is committed to winning. We were ‘over budget’ for payroll already this year. Yes, he may trim a little, but my guess is it won’t be pitching, unless it’s relief pitching. The question you have to answer for yourself, in order to play owner-gm, is what does this team really need and what can it afford to give up? I don’t think player salary is the first criterion in considering a deal. On the other hand, I’m just guessing along with the rest of you. Where’s Redsrock. he needs to weigh in.?He’s the optimist, and we need a little ‘the sky isn’t falling’ just now.

“Where’s Redsrock. he needs to weigh in.?He’s the optimist, and we need a little ‘the sky isn’t falling’ just now.”

What am I now, a semi-celebrity?😛 I admit that I didn’t watch the whole thing, and I left after Hererra (sp?) gave up the 3-run homer. There were a few things I needed to get done anyway, so I figured I wouldn’t be missing much…

Those calling for Dusty’s head, let’s think about things for a minute. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not his #1 fan, but who has been the coach this year while we’ve played good baseball? You can’t sit there and say Dusty is the reason we’re losing, because he’s part of the reason why we aren’t already ten games back like we usually are. Sure, we may not like his lineups (among other things), but is it merely a coincidence that we’ve been playing good ball this year compared to past years? I think not.

Last night as awful. GOD awful, even. But this is baseball. This isn’t the NFL or college football, where one loss can really, really hurt you. Yeah, we got our butts kicked (understatement of the year)… so what? We play today with our true ace on the hill. Harang has had some good games against Philly, so I’m not worried.

Look, everyone, we’re frickin’ 1 game under .500. ONE! When is the last time we, as Reds fans, have been able to say that this far into the season? Baseball is a game of patience, and some of you aren’t showing any. It’s okay to be ********** at last night. Believe me, I am too. But I’m also smart enough to realize one game doesn’t break a season. Cheer up, everyone, we win tonight and we’re back to .500. It’s going to be a back and forth battle the entire season. Just stick with it…

One thing for sure, though, we really do need offensive help. The bullpen isn’t going to be lights out every night.

Stupid html codes…. sorry about the spacing. I’m still not smart enough to figure it out. -.-

I watched the whole thing at home. Mostly just because I’m enjoying temporary cable for the first time in four years, and even this was a chance to watch my Reds on TV.

22-1 is the kind of score you see in a baseball movie, right before something fantastical happens to turn around a losing team’s season. So what will it be for our Reds? Angels? Deal with the devil? Kid pitcher? Kid manager? Aging star returning to glory after being shot in his prime? I’ll take whatever Hollywood can throw our way.🙂

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