Baker: No broken spirits

Before Sunday’s game, a reporter asked Dusty Baker about the bullpen and how it’s done vs. Albert Pujols in the series. Of course on Friday, Pujols whacked a grand slam off of David Weathers but grounded out vs. Nick Masset on Saturday.

Here is a fantastic quote:

“It’s not us against Albert,” Baker said. “It’s us against the Cardinals. Albert happens to be the grand Cardinal. He is the grand of a lot of stuff.”

Back to the Reds, this will be a pretty big week as they roll into the All-Star break with a six-game road trip to Philadelphia and New York.

“This is going to be some good baseball before the break,” Baker said. “We have the hard-hitting Phillies and the Mets. The Cardinals have the Brewers and the Cubs. Things can change rather quickly.”

After St. Louis, the Brewers will host the best team in baseball, the Dodgers, heading into the break.

None of the six NL Central teams can technically considered out of the race. Even the last-place Pirates, despite their rash of trades, are still only six games out of first.

The Reds entered Sunday 40-39 and two games out.

“There are no broken spirits yet,” Baker said. “Usually by the All-Star break, there are some broken spirits. The spirits are still alive. It makes for good baseball.”

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