Cueto an All-Star?

 The Reds could very well have just one or two All-Stars when rosters are announced on Sunday. Johnny Cueto made his final bid to be one of them with a gutsy six-inning performance in a 1-0 Reds victory.

Cueto was wild early because of a stiff back and had four walks through two innings. After being stretched out inside the clubhouse, he was unstoppable. He gave up just one infield hit to Felipe Lopez in the third and then retired his final 12 in a row. He struck out eight.

Arthur Rhodes hit some trouble but he, David Weathers and Francisco Cordero kept Arizona off the scoreboard for the staff’s seventh shutout of the season.

“Our bullpen came in and did the job but I felt like Johnny beat them singlehandedly today,” said Joey Votto, who was jammed but hit a bloop RBI single in the sixth for the win.

Is Cueto an All-Star? He is 8-4 with a 2.69 ERA in 16 starts. He doesn’t rank in strikeouts and is tied among a bunch of people for fourth in wins.

“Maybe, I don’t know. Yes,” Cueto said when asked about his chances. “I’m fighting to get into the All-Star game.”

“It’s something I haven’t thought about much,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “His ERA is certainly indicative of making the All-Star team. But there are a lot of good pitchers. If he doesn’t, he’ll have plenty of opportunities.”

Then there is Cordero, who has quietly notched 19 saves in 20 chances. He’s been right there with guys like Trevor Hoffman, Heath Bell and Francisco Rodriguez.

Which Reds will be in St. Louis for the All-Star game?

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I don’t see Cordero making it for several reasons, one of them being what you pointed out in that there are other good closers this year as well. The other is the old “he pitches for Cincy.” Cueto won’t make it simply because he doesn’t rank in strikeouts, and fans love K’s. And….. he pitches for Cincy…
I hope both of them make it, though. Votto deserves to be there, but he just doesn’t have enough at-bats I guess. *shrug* ‘Tis a shame…

Bah I just don’t buy the he pitches for Cincy. Cordero and Cueto both deserve to go. I think this year I’m going to be sponsoring the anti allstar roster comprising the leagues worst players. So far I see 2 Reds on that team. I’ll leave you to figure that out.

But back to this game this was one of the best team pitching performances of the year. Cueto will always be a little wild and that is a good thing. To bad Johnny isn’t scheduled to face the Cardinals because I would just love to see him plunk Puhols in the back with an inside fastball cruising at about 96 mph. Rhodes, Weathers (though I’m not a big fan of his), and Cordero all are all stars at their position in the bullpen. Middle relief is in dire need in all of baseball and we are stocked big time and is the only reason we are sitting at .500 baseball. If we could get our team batting avg. to at least .245 and remove Arroyo from the starting rotation we’d be in first place. I just love a 1-0 ballgame nothing more exciting to bad I wasn’t there to today.

The team will at most get 2 guys because of history and the current record. I see Cordero going no matter what. I would rather see BP go just so Cueto doesn’t have to pitch. I remember how Volq pitched after the All Star game last year… I rather have that not be repeated in Cueto.

What I mean is that because they pitch for Cincinnati, fans around the world aren’t going to see them on a regular basis like they do, say, the Cubs, Phillies and Mets. Teams like that (big market teams) tend to get more players into the All-Star game because the fans know more about them because they’re always on TV.
All-Star voting is mostly a popularity contest, which is a shame. And because it is a popularity contest, it shouldn’t count for home field advantage in the playoffs. I don’t like that rule in general. The team with the best record should get home field advantage. I mean… that only makes sense…

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