Volquez, Encarnacion updates

Hopefully no one has abandoned this blog for good after I took four days away. I liked seeing the dialouge continue while I was on hiatus. I hope that keeps up, whether I’m on or off.

RHP Edinson Volquez (right elbow tendinitis) got some good news on Monday after his latest exam with medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek — he can throw again and will on Friday.

The bad news is Volquez has to start from square one again — long tossing from the relatively short distance of 60 feet.

“He checked my arm and he stretched my arm,” Volquez said of the Kremchek exam. “He turned it that way and the other way. He said I could throw. He said he’s going to check my arm every time I throw. He’ll be here to make sure everything is OK.”

Volquez said he was surprised to have been shut down over a week ago.

“I didn’t feel any pain when I threw. The MRI showed the inflammation,” he said. “It’s been hard to be at home watching the games. You get mad. I’m screaming at the umpire on TV.”

In an odd bit of news, 3B Edwin Encarnacion (left wrist) was given a day off this afternoon when Triple-A Louisville played Gwinnett County. Louisville is off on Wednesday, which makes it weirder since that wipes two days of a 20-day rehab assignment. The apparent reason was that Encarnacion had played the last nine days in a row during and it was just a break and no more. The rehab can last as late as July 10 while the Reds are playing the Mets in New York. He’s already eligible to be activated from the 60-day DL.

It wasn’t expected that Encarnacion would return before the end of the current homestand, which concludes on Sunday.

“I’m not counting on it,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “Optimistically, hopefully by the road trip.”

Reds lineup:

Taveras 8
Hairston 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Nix 7
Hernandez 2
Bruce 9
Janish 6
Arroyo 1

The lineup is missing three of the Reds’ hottest hitters. Jonny Gomes is hitting .381 over his last five games and .367 over his last 17. Chris Dickerson is batted .467 over his last 11 games and Ryan Hanigan is batting .321 for the season.

“You can’t play everybody,” Baker said. “I have a plan on how to keep them sharp and productive for themselves and us at the same time. We knew that could potentially happen when we started. You don’t have a good team unless you have too many good bodies.”

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Gomes, Hanigan, and Dickerson all out of the lineup? Hanigan and Dickerson I’m concerned with because they are rookies and it just might get under their skin if they get benched while hot. Hanigan has been showing that he is a better hitter and better defender than Hernandez so I wonder why he is riding the pine and Hernandez is our apparentl starting catcher? Gomes I understand long term he is probably trade bait. I’ll never understand why Taveras starts in front of Dickerson or why Baker is insistent on making Taveras a lead off hitter. Taveras is one of the fastest guys in the game no doubt, however, he has never had a lineup hitters on base percentage….. he doesn’t walk enough and he isn’t a great bunter either.

While I’m complaining why is Arroyo still in our starting rotation? Maloney could do just as well plus we have the added effect of throwing a lefty in the middle of our rotation.

Oh yeah and good to see you back Sheldon.

If you ask me, I think Hernandez playing because they paid the man millions. It would be a waste to play Hanny over him, even if he’s having a better season. I want to see Hanny play as well, but it’s just not a good business move for the Reds. I know it gets annoying to hear that, but it is the truth. I’m still trying to figure out why Dickerson and Gomes aren’t playing, though… They had an off-day yesterday, so it’s not like they’re tired. Or, rather, I assume they’re not tired.

And yes, good to see you back, Mark.🙂

I guess with your logic redsrock that is why we are also seeing dead arm Arroyo out there on the mound today being slaughtered. This is sad. His trade value goes down every day that he doesn’t have the carpel tunnel surgery which from everything I heard takes one month to recovery and no long term effects although I have never heard of a pitcher having the surgery before. Maybe to be optimistic maybe herandez is playing today to increase his trade value?

Nah, I don’t see them trading Hernandez. They’re already somewhat short of catchers anyway, and that’s clear by the recent acquisition of Corky Miller. They won’t trade Hernandez. They need to get rid of Bronson, but like you say, every day he goes out his trade value drops like a bowling ball…

Well if he is going to lose at least he is losing against Haren. I don’t think we have a pitcher of that caliber just yet so we are using Bronson as the sacrificial lamb today. We should of just kept him out there and forced him to throw nine. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better outing for our pitchers. I think from now on when I see Bronson’s name on the start list I’m going to opt out of watching the game. If we win it will be by 10-9 kind of a thing. What really has been a god send to Bronson most of the year has been he has been matched up with equally medicore pitchers whenever he has to face a quality pitcher we know we can chalk one up in the L column.
I wonder if Dusty has considered making the change of moving Bronson to the bullpen if he does not go through with the surgery.

Pssh… I would HATE seeing Bronson in the bullpen, as would the Reds. He gets rocked early, nothing something you’d want out of a reliever.

I don’t know something about him reminds me of Danny Graves. I think that if he can make the transition he would be a good innings eater. Bronson gives up runs early and late. The best case scenario for the Reds would be if he goes forward and has the carpel tunnel surgery. Maybe the Reds are trying to plan it around Volquez’s return. I just can’t imagine anyone else on the Reds pitching staff being asked to take a back seat to Arroyo in the rotation.

I think he should get the surgery now as well. The thing is, I’m pretty sure Bronson said he doesn’t want to have it mid-season. I can understand why, but still… he’s just not getting it done.

What’s with giving a player a rest, on rehab especially? Are they afraid they’ll wear poor Edwin out? Is this good training procedure, or have players gotten soft? 9 games in a row – what’s the big deal? This team needs Edwin now, and management needs to see if he can help the team as they decide about trades in the next three weeks. The point is too get him ready as quickly as possible, not deliver him to Cincinnati tanned and rested.

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