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Bronson Arroyo could have dropped the term “carpal tunnel” every few sentences as an excuse for his poor pitching of late. He did anything but. However, Arroyo couldn’t offer any insight to what’s been behind his recent slide after another rough night during a 6-2 loss to the Diamondbacks.

Arroyo mentioned the other day to reporters that he was contemplating off-season surgery to repair the injury to his right hand/wrist.

“My hand is fine,” said Arroyo, who was given a cortisone injection to treat the injury in April. “It’s been pretty good all year. I have to fight it on a daily basis but today it was real good compared to some other starts. … I’m having a hard time getting into a groove.”

Check out these numbers: Arroyo leads the NL with 20 home runs allowed. He gave up 29 all of last year. In June, he is 1-4 with a 6.81 ERA in six starts. Over 33 innings this month, Arroyo has given up 43 hits and 25 earned runs, including his previous outing in Toronto when he gave up seven runs and eight hits over 3 2/3 innings.

The Reds had little chance against Dan Haren. Until Jay Bruce lined a two-out single in the fifth off Haren to break up the no-hitter, no Reds hitter got a ball out of the infield.

By the way, Bruce saved a run with another perfect throw from right field when the game was still scoreless. In the second, he absolutely nailed Chris Young trying to score from second base on a two-out single. Bruce’s throw beat Young by five or six steps. Young didn’t bother to slide. He had no chance at all. That put Bruce into a tie for the Major League lead with nine OF assists this season.

That’s it?

Joey Votto played his first home game since returning from the DL and revealing his personal issues. What was the reception like for Votto when he batted in the bottom of the first? — a polite applause just like it was any other at-bat.

I really thought there would be more than that — especially with all of the interest about the reasons behind his absence during the 22 games he was away. Were people more interested in the intrigue, false rumors and inneuendo than the actual truth about why Votto was out? The truth, I thought, was pretty compelling and it was courageous for Votto to share. 

Guess most fans just weren’t that impressed. Too bad.


It’s a shame false rumors were put out there, and I still hate myself for even thinking about them to begin with. And I totally agree… I was VERY surprised to hear that pathetic excuse for a “welcome back Joey” the crowd gave. That was… embarrassing….
Something needs to be done about Arroyo. If it’s not his hand, then what is it? Is he just flatout not good enough for the big leagues right now? I don’t envision Arroyo liking it, but perhaps a couple of starts at AAA would do him some good. Let him figure out what’s wrong. Because it worries me that he says nothing is wrong with him, yet he is getting shelled… hard.

Joey Votto should be in the allstar game albeit not as a starter. I hope he makes it I did my part!

Cincinnati just doesn’t seem like a baseball town anymore. It is sad the way ownership and fans treat the team. We actually have a good team in the works and lack of leadership from the top has infected the city to such a point that when their best player returns from a very serious issue that there is next to no fanfare.

I will be a Reds fan till the day I die but I wonder if there will be a Reds team still around by then.

Well, another disappointed effort by the Reds’ pitching staff. They’ve been on a bit of a downward spiral lately, with quite a few rough starts lately. Arroyo esp. has not been very good. I don’t profess to know what’s wrong with Arroyo, but he certainly needs to get his act together. June was terrible for him, and if he and Harang can’t start pitching better, this Reds team is going nowhere, and will end up behind the Cards, Brewers, and Cubs just like last year.

I’m also VERY disappointed to hear that Votto received such a pathetic, mediocre “welcome back” by Reds fans last night at the game. He is an amazing player of All-Star calibre and deserves more than that, esp. since he made the brave decision to share his struggles with everyone. Rest assured that when my family and I attend the game on Saturday we will all clap and cheer our hearts out for Votto in particular, as well as for all of the Reds.

Hoping that the Reds can pull things together and remain in the race, and that this isn’t another disappointing and frustrating year…

-Alex, Reds fan-atic

Joey Votto not receiving a standing ovation was ridiculous. His decision to share the emotional and personal struggles in such detail was both unnecessary and extremely brave. I cannot wait to show my appreciation and admiration for the Reds best player when I go on Friday.Russ

I’ve been an Arroyo apologist, but I guess I’ve got to give him up. In the past, he’s had a bad outing, (and his bad outings are really bad), and then followed it up with a run of quality starts. Not this month. It seems like every time a pitcher gets in a rut like this, he says he’s fine and a half dozen starts later the team announces he’s hurt. Remember Tuna Boat – didn’t he flat lie to the team about his arm condition and hurt the team in the meantime? Oh well, Arroyo still, he leads the team in wins. Can the Reds afford to just shut him down; or can they afford to pitch him? Either way, his trade value’s got to have dropped to zero.

Questions for Dusty (from my MLBlog: Baseball and Beyond)

Why wouldn’t a manager keep the guys in the lineup who are hitting well, like Gomes, Dikcerson, and Hanigan? I wonder had Paul Janish got to remain in the lineup while he was hitting solid would he have gone into a hitting funk as he has. If these guys who are doing the hitting are also playing solid defense to boot, I don’t care who the organization is paying the most too nor who has the most experience, I want the guys who are producing for the team and giving them a chance every night to win the game to be out on the field and in the lineup. Dusty sticks with Bruce regardless. Why can’t he do the same with others??

Good point: Bruce plays, Dickerson sits; it doesn’t make sense. On one of the recent broadcasts, someone reported that Dusty had a case of the goo over the constant questions about the lineup. Oh, well, it comes with being in contention (so people actually care) andstruggling to keep our head above water. Personally, I gave up on Dusty last year when someone batted out of order (!). I know that’s not fair, but I just can’t get over it.

Which line up is going to win more games over a course of a season:

Dickerson, Phillips, Votto, Gomes, Encarnacion, Bruce, Hanigan, Janish


Taveras, Encarnacion, Votto, Phillips, Nix, Hernandez, Bruce, Gonzalez

These two lines up differ in LF, CF, C, and SS. I put Edwin in here when healthy, until then put Hairston in there at 3B.

The top line up is better on defense in all positions except LF, all have higher batting averages, on base percentages, and slugging percentages (Janish is .003 below Gonzalez in slg.)

For a team that has trouble hitting, does it make sense to run the second line up out there every night? It seems like it wouldn’t. So why does Dusty do it at every chance?

Another great question, RTF.

I guess Votto made the mistake of not picking up and then kicking a drug habit.

Incidentally, I was privileged to meet his mother, Wendy in Toronto last week the day of his emotional return. She kindly agreed to take a couple of pictures with me. I would love to forward those photos to her, but I didn’t get an address. I didn’t want to appear nosey by asking for one, but if there’s a way to send them to her, I would.

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