Return delayed for Volquez

The Reds recently learned that they will be without Edinson Volquez for longer than expected. Volquez was shut down from throwing after a second MRI revealed there was still inflammation on the flexor mass muscle that connects the forearm to the bone by the elbow. The first MRI taken in early June when Volquez went on the DL with tendinitis didn’t reveal as much because he still had some swelling.

“I guess they found things that were more serious than anticipated,” manager Dusty Baker said. “He’s in good spirits so I guess that’s where it starts. It’s not serious enough to operate.”

Team medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek will examine Volquez again on Tuesday but Volquez was told not to throw until the inflammation completely subsides. That will push back his return date, significantly.

“With a starting pitcher, you need time to build back up and rehab starts,” head trainer Mark Mann said. “You’re probably talking beyond the All-Star Break.”

“It just means it will take a little longer but we still expect a full recovery,” GM Walt Jocketty said. “You have to make sure it heals completely. Those things generally do.”

The Reds have still not named a starter to pitch on Saturday at Cleveland, which was the spot Volquez and first replacement Matt Maloney occupied.

“Nah, you guys name him,” Baker said.

OK, paging Homer Bailey. He is scheduled to pitch on Saturday for Triple-A Louisville so it lines up perfectly.

In five June starts, Bailey is 4-0 with a 0.47 ERA. In 38 1/3 innings, he’s allowed just seven walks with 38 strikeouts. With the news that Volquez will be out, this could be the best extended chance Bailey will get to prove he belongs in the Majors.

“Whoever starts on Saturday needs to give us some quality,” Baker said.

Reds lineup

Dickerson 8
Hairston Jr. 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Nix 7
Gomes dh
Bruce 9
Hernandez 2
Richar 5
Arroyo 1

Other news of the day:

Jocketty is keeping an eye out for some offensive help on the trade market but it’s been quiet.

“There’s not a lot of action going,” Jocketty said. “There are too many clubs that feel they’re still in it.”

Baker spent today working again in the cage with Willy Taveras, who did not start on Wednesday.

“If we have to go down there every day, he’s going to get it,” Baker said. “We weren’t wrong in our assessment of what we needed.”

Danny Richar got a start at third base, partially because he’s an extra left-handed hitter for the lineup against a right-handed pitcher. Baker said that Paul Janish would likely get a start at shortstop on Thursday and Jerry Hairston Jr. would move to third base.

Finally, Baker mentioned a chance encounter he had at lunch with former NHL player Shayne Corson at his Toronto restaurant. Why is that interesting? Because Corson had a long battle with anxiety attacks brought on by the premature death of his father at the age of 45. Corson played from 1985-2004, mostly with the Canadiens, Oilers and Maple Leafs.

“We had a really good conversation,” Baker said. “He had to skip a playoff game. I guess he went through it for a while.”

Obviously, the Reds have a player going through a similar issue in Joey Votto — who revealed his depression and anxiety issues on Tuesday.

“It’s very coincidental. It was almost planned,” Baker said of the Corson encounter.

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Did Paul Janish run over Dusty Baker’s dog or something? It’s ridiculous.

Is there any chance that the offensive change that needs to be made is getting rid of the hitting coach? They’re hitting .244 as a team which makes them 3rd worse in the entire league! They also have an OBP of .319, 3rd worse is the NL and slugging .388 which is 4th worse in the NL. I mean, look what the Cubs have done since they fired their hitting instructor. This is not just one or two guys slumping, this is an entire team chasing bad pitches, popping balls up, not putting any runs on the board for a pitching staff that has done really well and deserves a better fate!

That’s awful to hear about Volquez. I hope he doesn’t end up being one of those terrific young pitchers that gets plagued by injuries.
Also… Jocketty needs to do something about the offense, and fast. We’re starting to fade….

I still believe that Maloney deserves another crack before Bailey. Heck both Bailey and Maloney should be in our starting rotation. Bronson is starting to look like he is done as a starter. I certainly don’t think that he would be in any other teams starting rotation with the way he gives up the gopher ball. He is good for one inning at best.
New rotation:

I did enjoy not seeing Taveras in the lineup. I have an idea. Have Bronson practice pitching to Taveras once Taveras can hit him consistently it will do one of two things 1) motivate Taveras that he can hit out of the infield or 2) prove to Baker that Arroyo is done…. go ahead and stick a fork in him we missed the chance to trade him off.

Positive note: Dickerson is really starting to come around. I hope he doesn’t get pulled out of the lineup for some has been.
Players that I would like to see go bye bye on the Reds due to lack of hustle, work ethic or just overall stink factor on the playing field:
Arroyo, Gonzalez, Hairston Jr., Weathers, Bruce (not off the team but back to AAA to figure out what he is doing)

Maybe we should just make this year two of cleaning house and say goodbye to half this team and start over with a clean slate again next year.

… Why would you want Weathers off of the team?

FYI — Maloney couldn’t have been recalled for Saturday even if the Reds wanted him. By rule, players optioned out have to stay in the minors for at least 10 days, except in the case of an injury.

I think its time for Mr. Jocketty to pull the trigger and get us a power hitting outfielder i.e Jermaine Dye. Among others. WE are only 3 games out and i believe that a left fielder with some power could really help to pull the guys out of the hitting slump they have been in for the last few weeks. All im saying is it would be really nice to be adding players at the trade deadline as apposed to dumping off salary which has seem to be the norm for as long as i remember. go redlegs

Josh in Dayton

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