Encarnacion starts rehab assignment

After 48 days out with a chip fracture in his left wrist, 3B Edwin Encarnacion is finally ready to face some real pitching in real games. For the time being, it will be at Triple-A Louisville, where he headed on Sunday for a rehab assignment.

Why Louisville? After Sunday and Monday’s games, the Bats have an eight-game road trip.

“That’s a pretty big step right away but at least the control will be better at Louisville,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He won’t have to worry about getting hit as badly as you do in some lower minor league places.”

Encarnacion was hitting only .127 in 19 games when he went on the disabled list April 28. So he has some work to do to get both game ready and get his stroke right again. He’s been taking BP here for a few days and was out most days taking groundballs.

After he was moved to the 60-day DL on Saturday, Encarnacion isn’t eligible for activation until next Saturday when the Reds are in Cleveland. Rehab assignments can last up to 20 days however and Baker seemed inclined to Encarnacion as much as he can to get right again.

“He hasn’t played in two months,” Baker said. “This is like going back to the beginning. It might be

worse than Spring Training. At Spring Training, you’re hitting every day most days. The pitchers

weren’t 2 1/2 months into sharpness like they are now.”

I know Reds fandom is very down on Encarnacion but his return, coupled with Joey Votto’s, will be a

boost for this team. Baker has mixed and matched a lot in the infield and the team has survived but

at some point, you need to see what can be done with the regular starting eight — and that includes


Agree or disagree?

Reds lineup:

Taveras 8
Hairston 6
Phillips 4
Gomes 7
Hernandez 1B
Bruce 9
Hanigan 2
Rosales 5
Harang 1

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Anyone who doesn’t want Edwin to come back soon hasn’t been watching Rosales and Taveras play 3rd. Neither one has played the position particularly well, and EdE’s bat will definitely be better than what they’ve done.

Hurry back Edwin!

I totally agree, Mark. I’ve been rearing to see Edwin come back. Besides, it’s not as if Hairston or Rosales have been tearing it up at third. Quite the contrary, actually. And at least Edwin gives up legitimate homerun power at third for a change.

I look more to seeing Joey back in the lineup. Although Edwin’s career avg. is .260 he definitely is a better bet than what we have been fielding, and he is also a fairly young guy. To bad Keppinger is no longer on our team he appears to be having a decent season with Houston. I can’t even remember what we got for him, I’m guessing whoever it was they aren’t in playing even at AAA level yet. I was somewhat disappointed that we sent Maloney down so soon. He had one really good outing, one so-so outing, and one stinky outing. I think that having a lefty in our pitching rotation even if medicore helps to keep other teams from streaking off of righties.

It looks like both Dickerson and Gomes are starting to yield hot bats. I’m hoping that they are keeping the pressure on Dusty to start more often as Taveras and Bruce struggle to stay above .200

There are a few things I don’t understand. Hairston is batting .250, Rosales, .200. Neither are as good a fielder as Janish. Janish is batting .260. Less AB, but given less opportunity when he should have been on the field. Maybe hitting full time he develops in to a .300 hitter? Wont know until given the chance and 1-2 AB once a week isn’t the way to find out what he can do, and certainly isn’t a confidence builder. Janish made the team, Rosales didn’t. Wouldn’t it be better to see what someone can do full time? I have been in baseball for years and I know you can not work hard to develop speed or a strong arm, but you can certainly do it with the bat. I have seen many players turn .200 into .300. So why wouldnt you work with a potential gold glove rookie and give him the time? I can go on and on, but keeping Rosales in the lineup makes no sense to me unless he was hitting .300+

@hollowman, we got Drew Sutton for Keppinger. He is playing AAA and is playing very well for the team. I was very surprised when the Reds brought up Richar Saturday instead of Sutton.

Mark, Like everyone else, I agree about needing EE back. I’ve been as critical as anyone the last couple of years, but he is definitely a step up from what we’ve been running out there.


If you remember Rosales was leading the IL in hitting .400+ when he was brought up. Playing well (or poor for that matter) means squat. If DB made a decision instead of playing musical chairs, he would have somebody ready by now. Instead, Rosey doesnt know if he is in or out, 3B or 1B. Hairston is all over the place, and Janish hasnt been used … and all the fans are wondering or blaming the players… No, both Janish (last year) and Rosey this year were playing great in the minors when brought up.
Strong team leadership by veterans and effective 1-1 communication by the coach, breeds strong players. The REDS have neither. DB needs a team already built and there is absolutely no veteran leadership. (no disrespect to any veterans its just that they are not that type)

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