Votto to start rehab assignment

It was just two words of confirmation but it was all that was needed to know that 1B Joey Votto’s path to returning to the Reds was headed to the next step. On the field Wednesday for batting practice, Votto was asked if he was going on a Minor League rehab assignment tonight.

“Yes,” he confirmed.


“Florida,” was the reply.

The Reds Class A affiliate and spring complex is in Sarasota, Fla. Votto also lives there in the off-season. He has been on the disabled list because of undisclosed stress related issues since May 30.

On Tuesday, the Reds start a three-game series vs. the Blue Jays in Votto’s hometown of Toronto. However, he is not expected to be ready in time. It’s not because the super private Votto would draw extra attention from the local media.

“He’d want to go there,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “Realistically, Toronto is Tuesday. You always want to go home. If he left tomorrow, that’s not enough time. I’m probably thinking, realistically, [he’d return] after this road trip to make sure he’s super ready in all departments.”

Baker was aiming to have Votto come off the DL on June 30 when the Reds return home to play the Diamondbacks.

“If he calls and says he’s ready, for a young man he knows himself pretty good, and he’s honest,” Baker said.

To more than a few people, Votto appeared to have dropped some weight since he’s been out. He also was looking pretty good in the cage while he took early BP from hitting coach Brook Jacoby.

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So if this is not a baseball injury, and he looks pretty good in the batting cage then what is the reasoning behind having him spend two more weeks in single A ball? Dusty seems to be overly cautious with this. Let him get two or three starts in Sarasota then have him meet the team in Toronto, his home town.

Mark, what are the chances that Votto will be going through Carolina and/or Louisville on his rehab assignment?



nccincifan — a lot would depend on the home schedules on both teams. I’d say Carolina is less likely than Louisville.

Mark –

(Wednesday) I just witnessed Owings give up a two-run shot to Atlanta (and the lead) after Bruce went deep the inning before. He is up to over 65 pitches in just three innings. Do you have any stats on total pitches for Reds vs. opponents? As I watch games, I’m frustrated by the inability of our starters to get into pitchers counts. They pick and poke around the plate and often find themselves down 3 -1 or 2 – 0 to batters. They have to come in with a strike and then get burned (like Owings tonight). This also means we are not going deep into the game with our starters. What do the stats tell us?

Godd questions, JJ.

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