Draft picks signed so far

Just got home from KC a little while ago and saw an e-mail from the Reds. The following list are players signed by the club since the recently completed 2009 First-Year Player Draft. Shown are the name, position, round they were picked and where they are going to play.

Hamilton, Billy SS Rd 2 GCL 

Joseph, Donnie LHP Rd 3 Billings
Serrano, Mark RHP Rd 6 Dayton 
Walczak, James RHP Rd15 Billings 
Braun, Jason RHP Rd 29 Billings 
Carlson, Shane SS Rd 32 Billings 
Cannon, Forest RHP Rd 34 Billings 
Burleson, Chris SS Rd 36 GCL 
Wiley, Jake RHP Rd 41 GCL     



I wonder if we will be able to sign our first round draft choice. Anyone here on what our budget is for signing him or where we are in talks with him? The Reds are cheap that is one thing that we know.

I don’t believe we can negotiate with Mr Leake (sp?) until his team has been eliminated from the College World Series. I didn’t hear the final results from Sunday, but I know he was scheduled to pitch and game was tied 1-1 in the 7th!
On a separate issue, I thought I saw in a pre-Draft analysis that the Reds were going to focus on LHPs in a pitching-rich Draft. However, I didn’t see many (if any) LHPs in the list of draftees. What’s up with that?

They did get three lefties. Don’t forget that there were 29 other teams making picks…and they all wanted lefties too. LHP is one the hardest and most coveted types of player that can be acquired through this process.

Mark – Any news on Votto? (Other than the ridiculous stuff on the radio the other night).Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

I’m not at the ballpark yet…will check when I get there. What was on the radio last night (dare I ask or guess)?

Leake was slated to pitch Sunday, but ASU changed its mind and he’s pitching tonight. As far as the radio goes, Lance McC was defending Votto’s privacy against callers (who I didn’t hear) who were complaining that they had a “right” to know exactly what was wrong with JV, and others (who I didn’t hear) who were saying that whatever it was, he should just “suck it up” and play to help the team. You jut gotta love people!

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