Bargain signing of 2009?

Brandon Phillips was trying to compliment Laynce Nix after a great night where he hit two home runs, drove in four runs and saved a run with a nice left field catch in the Reds’ 9-3 win.

But read this quote and see if you pick up on the veiled shot of the night:

“It’s good to have a guy in left field that can hit the ball and who can catch the ball.”

I guess Phillips doesn’t miss Adam Dunn’s lackluster defense in left field. By the way, the Nationals and Reds play each other next week in DC.

Nix gave the Reds their first run with a solo homer off Kyle Lohse in the second inning. In the eighth, his three-run homer against Chris Perez put the game on ice.

This season, Nix batting .287 with six homers and 17 RBIs. Of his 29 hits, 18 have been for extra bases – including a team-high 11 doubles.

Signed for 600,000 this season after he made the Reds as a non-roster invite at Spring Training, is Nix the bargain of the season?

“He’s out there holding his own,” Phillips said. “Honestly, he’s underrated. It’s all about a guy getting a chance. He’s out there taking advantage of the chance he’s getting. We’re thankful he’s on our team. He’s getting some key hits. We’re really needed him today. He’s just doing it.”

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I personally like Nix 7, Taveras 8, Hairston 9 in the lineup, but maybe that’s just me. But I definitely agree the Reds got a bargain with him, especially considering how quickly he’s delivered for us. At the plate, he seems like an excellent hitter with some great ABs…if I recall, didn’t he have an AB the other night where he worked the pitcher for about 12 pitches or so before he got a single? As if we didn’t already know, he showed tonight he’s a HR threat every time he steps in, and he can throw some leather to boot. Not much more you can ask for from a guy that at the start of the season was your 4th outfielder.

His defense has really surprised me. He has been outstanding in left field. By the way, Pujols was out at second base after the great catch last night.Russ

Nix has been a great addition to this team. I’m really glad for him. Not only was Pujols out at second but Malina was also out at home in the 9th. I guess sometimes it takes 29 outs instead of 27 – just glad it didn’t come back to bite the Redlegs.

I like the way Nix is playing in LF. I also liked Hanigan throwing out Ryan at 3rd last night with a perfect throw.

The Reds defense seems to be much improved this year. Do you have any stats to back that up, Mark?

Nix has been playing great. With Stubbs playing so well in AAA and Taveras hopefully getting healthy, it looks like Dickerson missed his chance to be the #1 in LF.

It almost makes one forget EE should be coming back soon from injury to take playing time away from Hairston, Nix, and Rosales… Uh oh…

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