Votto departs early

Reds first baseman Joey Votto came out of Friday night’s game vs. the Brewers before the bottom of the second inning. For the third time since May 11, it was because of dizziness related to his inner ear infection.

Catcher Ramon Hernandez moved to first base and Ryan Hanigan took over behind the plate. Votto was 0-for-1 with a pop out to the shortstop.

After the game, a 40-minute closed door meeting was held in Dusty Baker’s office with the manager, GM Walt Jocketty, head trainer Mark Mann and Votto. Media relations director Rob Butcher later entered the room but everyone eventually emerged without saying much.

Votto declined to comment.

“Not right now,” Votto said.

Baker was downright somber when reporters were allowed in the office. He was asked if Votto was OK.

“No , not really,” Baker responded. “He felt similar symptoms that he’s been feeling in the past and just came out.”

Baker did say Votto would not play Saturday but did not know if a roster move was going to be made.

The Reds have some roster issues that make a move tougher. The 40-man roster lacks players hitting well at Triple-A Louisville. Drew Stubbs is playing well but I can’t imagine he’d play much with so many outfielders already here. Wilkin Castillo, hitting all of .196, can be brought back up for catching depth if Hernandez moved to first base regularly without Votto. Bats first baseman Kevin Barker is hitting .234 and is not on the 40-man.

The Reds flew their charter flight on Thursday and air travel can accelerate inner ear infection symptoms. If Votto doesn’t go on the DL, does he go by car to St. Louis?

Are you worried about Votto? What should the Reds do?


I am worried about Votto. He needs to be put on the DL until this inner ear infection clears up. He isn’t going to do the team any good by not being able to play consistently.

i’m real concerned…although, i don’t want him to go on the dl, because i’m making a trip down for the kansas city series and joey is my favorite player. lil selfish i guess. the airplanes are clearly not helping the situation.

I’ll volunteer to drive Joey to St. Louis and back home. I’m making the trip to Cincy June 7 and I can only hope Joey feels well enough to play then (if he’s not on the DL by then).

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