Lineups, no Votto

The Reds will go for the sweep without Joey Votto in the lineup. Chris Dickerson is also getting his first start in quite a while.

Reds lineup:

Taveras, 8
Hairston, 6
Bruce, 9
Phillips, 4
Hernandez, 3
Rosales, 5
Dickerson, 7
Hanigan, 2
Cueto, 1

D-Backs lineup:

Lopez, 4
Parra, 8
Upton, 9
Drew, 6
Byrnes, 7
Montero, 2
Tracy, 3
Ojeda, 5
Augenstein, 1


Votto was still feeling the effects of the flu today and went through a battery of tests after his dizzy episode during the fourth inning of Tuesday’s game. He expects to be back on Friday at San Diego. The issues started in the third inning when Votto charged on a bunt play with Dan Haren up.

“I felt a little off then,” Votto said. “Then during my at-bat, I felt my heart really racing and I felt really odd. After I flew out to finish the inning, I was on the field and I couldn’t center myself.”

Votto said there was “no question” that what happened had to do with the flu that he had last week and caused him to miss four starts.

“I wasn’t dehydrated,” Votto said. “I’ve been doing my best to eat really well and put a lot of fluids in because I realize how hot and dry it is here. It took way too long to recover after it happened.

That’s where my concern was. I didn’t feel regular the way I do now until maybe an hour or hour and a half after it happened. The game was over and I still felt odd. More than anything, it was frustrating. I’ve gotten dizzy before from heat when I was kid if I exercised and recovered quickly – 15-20 minutes at most.

“The last thing I want to do is go out there and be taken out of the game. I found it really embarrassing. Not that I did anything to justify being embarrassed. I just don’t like being taken out in the middle of the game, ever, out of respect to my teammates.”

In other news — SS Alex Gonzalez (oblique) will be back on Friday vs. the Padres after a few days of BP without issue.

“I’m looking for signs of wincing or holding back. I didn’t see any of that,” manager Dusty Baker said.

What will Gonzalez’s return (batting .176) after over a week out mean for hot-hitting Jerry Hairston Jr. (.260), whose played a lot of shortstop but can play third base or left field? Or Laynce Nix (.304)? or Adam Rosales (.298)?

“Gonzo is my shortstop,” Baker said. “We have to mix and match. Sometimes we’ll go with better defense-speed team one day and an offensive one the next day, depending on who’s pitching against us and who’s pitching for us and what kind of success someone has had against a guy.”

And for those wondering, Baker denies that Micah Owings intentionally plunked Ryan Roberts leading off the 8th inning last night. FS Arizona believed it was during their coverage.

“No way,” Baker said. “A 3-0 game in the eighth inning with their top of the lineup coming up and the way Felipe [Lopez] is hitting the ball and Miguel Montero and Justin Upton. That 3-0 could have been 4-3 quick. I didn’t think it was intentional.” 

Baker also said he didn’t think D-Backs reliever Jon Rauch was throwing at Brandon Phillips to cause Owings to go hard inside. 


No Votto? What’s up, Mark? I’m getting nervous! Also, shouldn’t we have a better 1st base replacement than Hernandez. He’s done fine, but it leaves us with no extra catchers OR 1st basemen.

Votto is getting over the flu… probably dehydrated from the desert heat plus recent illness. It’ll be ok.

Ok, I get it. We pay Gonzo a long of money. But if his bat doesn’t improve and the team starts to suffer for it, I hope management makes decisions based on wins and losses, not paychecks.

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