Yes Phillips, No Votto

It appears the only Joey Votto that will be seen in great amounts is the bobblehead version being distributed tonight. The real Votto is missing his third-straight game because of the flu. As expected, fellow flu victim Brandon Phillips is back in the lineup.

Reds lineup:

Taveras CF
Hairston SS
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Nix LF
Hernandez 1B
Rosales 3B
Hanigan C
Harang P

I briefly talked to Votto, who still feels lousy but better than he had been doing. He was about to take groundballs and do some light hitting to see how he felt. Obviously, he doesn’t like missing time but wasn’t down in the dumps about it. After all, the makeshift lineup the Reds used went 2-0.

“You know what? It would bother me a whole lot more if we hadn’t won,” Votto said. “Then it could have been a what-if situation. But we won. I’m part of the team. My job is to help the team win. If I’m not part of the lineup and we still win, that’s all that matters.”

Votto could return Sunday, but definitely should be back on Monday for the road trip opener at Arizona.

Incidentally, Votto and Brandon Phillips both shot a television commerical together on Thursday — the day they became ill. Votto apparently had been sick longer than it was known and infected Phillips. The Reds were able to treat Phillips early enough that he could return sooner.

Alex Gonzalez took groundballs and swung the bat a little. He was deemed “better” by manager Dusty Baker but a decision on whether or not to DL Gonzalez could come soon.

A reporter brought up Albert Pujols going 0-for-4 for St. Louis last night and Baker made this potentially foreshadowing quote:

“When he goes 0-fer, it means something bad is about to happen pretty soon,” Baker said.

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