Getaway day, move up Rosales?

The Reds need to win this series over the Pirates to take two of three.

“It’s another important getaway day,” manager Dusty Baker said.

The Reds are 4-1 in previous getaway day games, a nice thing to have when you’re looking to take momentum on the flight out of town.

Adam Rosales came into Sunday batting .556 (5-for-9) through three games. Rosales is still batting seventh but Baker seriously contemplated moving Rosales up in the lineup from the seventh spot. Then he changed his mind.

“He’s just learning the pitchers and stuff,” Baker said. “Let him chill a little bit down there. Let him marinate.

“We’ll take it one step at a time first. To bat second, there are a lot of things you have to do. Rosie isn’t a real taker yet. With Willy Taveras on in front of you, you have to do some taking. I like that speed at the top up there, especially in front of Votto.”

Saturday’s 14-hit output was the new season high. Since April 18, the Reds have raised their team average from a Major League low .208 to .242.

“I think every one of them believes in themselves,” hitting coach Brook Jacoby said. “It’s just a matter of time before they start feeling really comfortable. Confidence is a big part of it too.”

Reds lineup:

Taveras cf
Dickerson lf
Votto 1b
Phillips 2b
Bruce rf
Hernandez c
Rosales 3b
Gonzalez ss
Cueto p

And congratulations to Reds media relations director Rob Butcher, who completed his first marathon at the Flying Pig today. Rob’s time was three hours, 29 minutes.

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I agree with Baker’s decision on keeping Rosales down in the order right now, but I wouldn’t wait too long if he continues to get on base.Russ

After game:

3 shutouts in 4 games! Impossible to know what to think of this team. But a week against Florida and St. Louis may show us something.

The Reds are 2-10 when they give up 4 or more runs.

Honestly, did Janish pee in Dusty’s Cheerios? The guy’s hitting twice what any other shortstop is but is just chained to the bench. Hairston, Gonzalez … all known quantities (and not very good at this point in their careers). Why won’t Dusty give Janish a shot? It’s pathetic.

What happened to ya, Mark? Did you forget that you have a blog? Loyal readers like myself are anxious for some insight. Why have you abandoned us? I say all this tongue in cheek, but seriously, what gives? Hello…hello… can you hear me?…(aside, to myself) I don’t think anyone’s home. I’ll just leave a note to let him know I was here. “Dear Mark, came by today, but missed ya. I’ll try to catch you next time. Hope to see you soon. Your Pal, RiverCity Redleg”

Four shutouts in 6 games! Phillips batting like a clean-up batter. Rosales falls off the heights. Volquez gives up five hits in 21 innings. Is it possible, just possible, that this team is touched by the kind of magic that makes a medioctiry a contender?

I agree that Janish deserved a start last night with Gonzalez hurt, but you can’t complain about what Hairston did. Odder, though, is that Janosh didn’t come in late for defense.

Another thought – Reds pitchers lead the league in ERA. So, birng on the Brewers.

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