Bring on May…

My off day story talked about where the Reds are as a team after an 11-10 record in April. This morning, a friend of mine emailed me this question:

“If you had said at the beginning of the season, ‘Would you be happy if the Reds were above .500 and in second place in the division at the end of April?'”

I’d bet you would say yes. And they should be based on some stats:

Cincinnati’s team batting average is .235, which is ranked 15th out of 16 National League teams. At one point, it was a Major League low .210. Their 78 runs scored in ranked 14th in the NL. Joey Votto, hitting .346 after playing in all 21 games, has been the lone constant in the lineup. Although tremendous effort was made to shore up defensively, the Reds’ 18 errors are third most in the league and their .977 fielding percentage is 14th.

While the Reds went 7-3 on a 10-game road trip with three series wins at Milwaukee, Houston and Chicago, they are 4-7 at Great American Ball Park after the just completed 2-4 home stand. The home series record is 0-3-1.

May could be a bear of a month. The Reds have 14 road games, including a west coast trip. Friday in Pittsburgh starts a stretch of 25 games in 27 days. 

So again, knowing what you know now, are you happy with where the Reds are right now?


Yes, I am happy with where they are right now. I just don’t know how much better they’re going to get. A young team usually has a lot of ups and downs, but it’s hard to see them learning to avoid the downs by the end of the season and still being in position to make a playoff run.

May will be very telling. As Dusty said, 15 wins should be the mark they are shooting for.

As long as the starting pitching can keep giving quality starts, this team will be fine. I am a little concerned about the continued lack of stability in the left field spot.Russ

could be worse, i guess.

I’m pretty pleased. I’m more pleased with the record than with the performance. The offense really has to improve or a winning record isn’t going to be possible.

June is going to be more of a beast than May. 16 road games vs. 10 home games, and a bunch of AL teams. The West coast trip should be telling, although it’s only 6 games and it’s against the Diamondbacks and Padres, who aren’t really very good. There will probably be a bunch of 1-0 and 2-1 games on that trip.

No doubt, I’ll take it, but they obviously could be playing a little better. I like the new dimension that Nix and Rosales bring to the lineup. I hope they are given a fair chance to maintain that dimension. The month of May should be a good test. Looking forward to it.

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