Volquez gets it done

If you could write the headline, what would you say about Edinson Volquez? Or about Adam Rosales for that matter?

In a 3-0 victory, Volquez wasn’t the overpowering pitcher he usually is but had one dominant performance. He threw eight shutout innings (a career high) and dealt with just three base runners. He had one hit allowed (in the first inning), one hit batter and one walk. He threw only 106 pitches and at one point, retired 17 in a row. A total turnaround from the seven walk mess he had on Friday vs. the Braves (which included five in one inning).

Rosales was 1-for-2 with a RBI single up the middle that broken the scoreless tie in the fifth. He also drew a walk and added a sac fly in the eighth. He was cheered as he hustled everywhere on the field.

The Reds finished April with an 11-10 record and this home stand 2-4.

Baker on Volquez:

“It was a total turnaround. He had a good tempo going, took his time and he wasn’t rushing. He was concentrating on getting strike one and not just throwing it. He was pitching tonight.”

“Early in the game, he was throwing strike one. It’s important for strike one and not necessarily velocity. His velocity was 92-93 mph but he can get up to 96-97. It’s about control. That’s what he demonstrated tonight. He had that fastball working, especially down and away. If you can get that pitch for strike one, it makes it a whole lot easier to pitch.”

Rosales on his RBI single with Nix on third base and the infield in:

“That’s a situation you were born and raised to do. That’s your job to get him in. That’s what was going through my mind – get him in. when I got to two strikes, I had to change my approach a little bit. I wasn’t going to drive it but put some good wood on it.”

The Astros didn’t think too much of Volquez:

“I didn’t think he was on the top of his game,” said Astros center fielder Michael Bourn “I think he was OK. He left some balls over the plate for us. Some people made some good swings. I didn’t make any good swings, but on a regular (day), we’ll get to him. He has good stuff, no doubt. But I’m not going to say he was at his best.”

“I didn’t think he was all that sharp,” Houston manager Cecil Cooper said. “I thought he had some life to his fastball, but we had some pitches to hit. We just didn’t swing the bat very well. You have to give him some credit, but I didn’t think it was a one-hit type of performance tonight.”

What did you think? I think it was the Volquez people have been waiting for. He couldn’t have done much better than that.

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Hmmm…sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m not sure what’s in it for Cooper et al to argue that Volquez wasn’t that impressive. He was obviously good enough tonight to send one Astro after another back to the dugout, bat in hand and tail between his legs. Incidentally, I’d be thrilled to see Volquez repeat this “OK” performance once every five days or so.

The comments by the Astros show some of the worst sportsmanship I’ve seen in awhile. We give Oswalt his due all the time when he performs outstanding against us, and to have Volquez to go out, get batter after batter after batter out, and you say he was off tonight? Really? What would have happened if he was on? Struck out every batter on 3 pitches? I think i’m ranting now, but it needs to be said. No player or manager should show the kind of sportsmanship that they did. Give a guy his due and say good job, he was better then us tonight. I’m very disappointed in both Bourne and Cooper.

Sour grapes? Bad sportsmanship? Yes. How about just flat out stupidity? You get one hit and say the opposing pitcher wasn’t that sharp. You can’t get much better than Volquez was last night.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

if you look at volkie’s record against the astros he dominates them. definitely sour grapes in my opinion.

Is it possible that Edinson Volquez and Adam Rosales, along with Votto, Bruce, Arroyo, Et al., could be the future of bringing Winning Baseball back to Cincinnati??? It can be…if they play well enough to have a Winning Season in 2009.

As far as Edwin is concerned, let him stay on the DL right now, and give Rosales the chance to Win the starting job over there. The fact that Rosales hustles and reminds people of Pete Rose makes me feel better already. I don’t see Rosales shrugging his shoulders and “not worrying” about slumps, Etc., like some of our Veterans who should be doing far better jobs right now.

I say, give Rosales his shot at playing 3B every day NOW, and if he comes through – send Encarnicion to Triple-A Baseball, try to trade him, or give him his walking papers.

Enough of Charity Cases in Cincinnati – It’s time to get back to WINNING again. As I say in my blog, I’d be HAPPY with 82-80 Record for the Reds; would be the 1st Winning Season in Cincy since 2000.

Yeah, Mgr. Cooper sounded like a whiny-baby, but I can understand that he’s probably trying to pump up the kids on this team. I just hope our “kids” in Cincy are growing up – looks possible…

Just in jest about our guys – Good luck, Cincy!

Hey Mark I know its still early but I want to ask you about something. Rosales will be a pick me up offensively, but with the troubles in the left field, do you think we would have a chance of seeing Bankston playing there soon with the way he is tearing up AAA?

I don’t rule anything out, especially since he’s a right-handed bat doing well there. But, Bankston is not on the 40-man roster, which makes his potential promotion a more complicated situation.

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