Encarnacion to DL, Rosales recalled

A little breaking news for you: 3B Edwin Encarnacion is headed to the 15-day disabled list with a small chip fracture in his left wrist. IF Adam Rosales was recalled from Triple-A Louisville and will be here sometime tonight.

In the previous post, Encarnacion was listed in the lineup and batting seventh. Dusty Baker scratched him when it was decided he should see Dr. Kremchek and get tested. Encarnacion has also been bothered by a sore right shoulder.

Jerry Hairston is starting at third base tonight. Darnell McDonald will bat seventh and play left field.

It was believed that Encarnacion suffered the injury during a swing in his final plate appearance on Monday vs. the Astros. An MRI exam on Tuesday afternoon confirmed the fracture. He will be in a cast for one week before being re-evaluated.

“You never know until you do extensive tests,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “We don’t know if he did it on the last swing yesterday or before. I know I saw him wince after his last at-bat.”

Encarnacion was in a 0-for-12 skid and 1-for-his-last 28.

Also — Chris Dickerson was feeling better today after his head-to-head collision with Tejada last night but isn’t expected to return to action until Friday. Dickerson was awaiting results from testing he did on his vision, reaction time and depth perception.

“I feel fine,” Dickerson said. “There is no dizziness. There is still a little bit of a headache. The mental processing is a little bit hazy, I noticed during that test.”

New Reds lineup:

Taveras 8, Hairston 5, Votto 3, Phillips 4, Bruce 9, Hernandez 2, McDonald 7, Gonzalez 6, Harang 1

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Game started on time after the rain moved out. 


Sorry for Edwin, but happy for Rosales. Hopefully this will work out for the best.

7:38pm Rosales has arrived in the dugout…Put him in, let him gets 2 hits in 2 games in 2 different cities in one day.

Joel Younglood did the two city thing at the MLB level once. He played for Mets and Expos on the same day after being traded. I can’t remember if he got hits at both places though.

That’s very interesting about Younglood. That actually reminds me of a hypothetical I’ve always been curious about. It doesn’t happen often, but games can be suspended due to rain and finished at a later date. I attended an Astros-Reds game like that several years ago. The game is usually just finished the next day, but there are rare instances (i.e. if the last game of a series is suspended), when the game is finished weeks later. I believe this occured for an AL game last season. My question is this: If a player is traded from one of the teams to the other, would he be allowed to play for the opposing team in the same game? For example, Player X plays in the outfield to begin the game for the Reds. The game is suspended and will be completed a week later. If the Player X is traded from the Reds to the Astros, could he enter the game for the Astros once this game is resumed? Or would this disrupt the space-time continuum all together? I’ve always been curious about this.

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