The homestand continues…

I’m back on the job again after taking the Braves series off, so sorry for no new blog posts since Chicago on Thursday. I actually ended up missing the flight to O’Hare but was fortunate to be put on a later one with an alternate airline.

Reds lineup:

Taveras CF

Dickerson LF

Votto 1B

Phillips 2B

Bruce RF

Encarnacion 3B

Hernandez C

Gonzalez SS

Cueto P

News you can use:

Dusty Baker said he spoke to Brandon Phillips, who didn’t hustle out a drive to right field. Phillips thought his fifth inning drive to right field was a homer but it one-hopped at the wall. A would-be double became a single.

“We already addressed it,” Baker said.

Bill Bray (left elbow strain) was in the clubhouse today. He’s been rehabbing at Kremchek’s clinic and will throw a bullpen session tomrrow. Bray hopes to rejoin Triple-A Louisville soon.

Joey Votto, Edwin Encarnacion and Phillips are still the only players to play every inning of every game. Baker has plans to eventually give two of them breaks. Guess who isn’t the one?

“I’ve got something in mind,” Baker said. “But Votto, he doesn’t need an off day. I’ve always been told if a guy is hot, you play him until he stops being hot. You get all you can while you can get it.”

RHP Homer Bailey was named the International League’s Pitcher of the Week. As you likely know, Bailey tied a Triple-A Louisville franchise record by notching 15 strikeouts vs. Toledo on Sunday, including stretch of nine in a row. He was 2-0 with a 2.92 ERA and 18 Ks in two starts last week.

In the they could be jinxing themselves department: The Reds game notes mentioned that the club hasn’t had to make a roster move since the final cuts the day before Opening Day. This is Day 22 of the season and the team hasn’t gone more than 21 days to start a season without a move since May 14 1985 (Day 37), when Alan Knicely and Ron Robinson were recalled and Dann Bilardello and Carl Willis were optioned to Triple-A Denver.

Try using that nugget at the next cocktail party or sports bar.

Speaking of bars, Sister Daedalus and other “displaced Reds fans” in Washington DC are gathering at one to watch the game vs. the Astros on TV. Click here for the details.


Welcome back Mark,

That’s a pretty impressive stat about no roster moves. Let’s hope it stays that way.

As far as Bray goes wish him well. But really think if Daniel Ray Herrera keeps pitching well he is here for the entire season. What is your take?

Unless he pitches himself off the 25-man roster and Bray is healthy, I don’t see Herrera getting sent down. For the last few outings, he’s been pretty good.

Hello Mark,
I have a question for you. In the bottom of the 6th EE hit that slow roller about 3 feet infront of home plate and he thought it was a foul ball, but Votto crossed the plate before Rodriguez tag EE out. Shouldn’t that run have counted?


I have to put my two cents in on tonight’s game and perplexing move by Dusty, in my opinion. First off, you’ve got to hand it to Cueto for pitching an outstanding no-decision game of which I was extremely pleased to see him not get the loss. With that being said, Rhodes came in and pitched a scoreless inning to push the game into the 9th still tied at one. Why would Dusty decide to go to a closer in this situation who (seemingly) habitually makes all of us chew our fingernails off, loads the bases, and sometimes gets out of jams. Granted he’s 7-7 in save/opp’s, I believe, which is an impressive stat thus far. However, I just don’t see the place to bring Cordero in during a tie game. Rhodes pitched very well, why not bring him in for the hold? Why not bring Herrera in who has pitched very well save for his first outing. I just don’t get it. Any insight?


Millercas — the run wouldn’t count. It was essentially like any groundball out when there are two down. Even if the runner crosses, it doesn’t count when there is a regular putout, which was a 2 unassisted on that Encarnacion play.

mgproudfit — bringing in Cordero was textbook move. Since the Reds were home, there would be no save situation to use him so why not send him in to keep the game tied (if it had worked out)? Rhodes pitched his inning in the eighth and Herrera worked on Sunday. Cordero was rested and it was the heart of the Houston order. He should have been able to keep it there so the offense could have a bottom of the ninth rally.

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