Winning trip assured


Wednesday’s 3-0 win over the Cubs was huge for the Reds. At 6-3 on the trip, it guarantees going home with an above .500 record on the 10-game journey through Milwaukee, Houston and Chicago. Another win on Thursday also means three-straight series wins.

Cueto was sensational with seven scoreless innings and four singles allowed. He had just two Ks but the big key was he didn’t walk anyone and didn’t nibble. He was aggressive and threw 108 pitches overall.

Other moments:

  • Brandon Phillips snapped his 0-for-22 skid with two hits.
  • Cueto was 2-for-2 with a bunt single in the rally that led to the first run in the third.
  • Jay Bruce has homers on back-to-back nights.

Quick turnaround for Thursday as the Reds try for a 7-3 trip and two of three at Wrigley.

Baker on Cueto:

“He pitched outstanding. That’s what we needed too. We got our bullpen straight. That’s what we hoped for in the game.

“He had electric stuff tonight. No walks, that’s the key. He kept the same tempo and same velocity throughout the ballgame. He stopped a very good hitting team over there.”


“We have to do that all year. We’re going to win with pitching and defense. It’s been a long time since this early in the season we’ve seen so few runs and still be winning ballgames. That’s what pitching does. It lets your hitting catch up and we’re going to score runs.”

“I think the good thing about it is nobody is shocked. We expected this out of ourselves. I expect us to come out and take this series tomorrow and have a 7-3 road trip.”


I’m so happy for the team and for Johnny. We knew you could do it!
I feel like Cueto just might blossom this season into an ace pitcher. Didn’t get to see the game here in Tennessee, but I’m still thrilled about the outcome.
I know it’s really, really early…. but am I crazy for thinking that maybe this season doesn’t feel the same as the last several? Is this what it feels like to have a truly competitive ball club?

You may be crazy, I don’t know. A half game behind Pittsburgh, so either it’s early or the world’s turned on its head. The team has averaged exactly 3 runs a game. In 6 of the 8 wins, the pitchers have given up 3 or fewer runs. When they give up 4 or more runs, the team’s 2 and 5. So, competetive? The offense needs to heat up, especially the BA with runners in scoring position. On the other hand, it’s getting harder to be negative about our boys.

It’s good to hear Weathers talking confidently like that. I really do think this team has a different feel than the last several years. Is it the new attitude in the clubhouse? With Dunn and Griff gone, are the new guys more free to be leaders?

Of course, this team hasn’t really accomplished anything yet. They could lose badly today, and then the good feelings are suddenly gone (Harang deserves some run support today). But the bats seem to be warming up, and the hitting really can only go one way because it can’t get much worse. If it actually “catches up” to the pitching, look out.

It was a GEM. Hope Cueto could be consistent.
Hats off to the Reds on that game. Great pitching. It was a joy to see.

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